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12 Amazing Gift Ideas for Every Family Member This Festive Season

Diwali shopping for family members can be tad challenging, especially if everyone has different personalities. Maybe your dad can be a foodie, while your mum can be a jewellery hoarder. Despite their contrasting characters, it is extremely essential to find an amazing gift for the whole family.

Although there are multiple unique Diwali gifts present in the market for everyone, you should know where to look. To make Diwali shopping simpler for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best gift ideas for every family member this season:

  • Crystal fengshui lotus

Feng shui items are an excellent way to send across positivity and good luck on a festive season. Your family will appreciate a gift item that showers them with prosperity, good vibes, and well-being. This Diwali, pick up a decorative lotus-patterned accessory made from colourful crystal and glass.

  • Family Pyjama set

Many of you might obsess over the trend of twinning with your family. If you are one of them, give a matching pair of pyjamas for your superb family. You can even go ahead and customise it for everyone. It is a perfect Deepavali gift for your parents and siblings that will not fail to bring a smile on their face.

  • Personalised chocolates

This festive season, spread sweetness with a box of personalised chocolates. It is an excellent way to kickstart the festivities of Diwali with your loved ones. A personalised chocolate box will add a special touch to the festivities of the season. So, include a heartfelt message of the festive celebrations on the sleeve of the box for all your near and dear ones.

  • Family name signboard

This year, send a family name signboard to your parents, brothers or sisters. It is an impressive home decor item that can instantly create a long-lasting impact on everyone visiting them. Customise the signboard with the important dates and their names to transform it into a beautiful piece.

  • Vintage popcorn popper

Is a family movie night complete without a huge tub of buttery popcorn? Perhaps, not. Under such a scenario, surprise your loved ones with a vintage popper. It is an old-fashioned way to make some tasty popcorn. You can also give a vintage popper as a Bhai dooj gift to your sister-in-law or a married sister to bring back the exclusive taste of popcorns made in a vintage popper.

  • Animal cable bite

Are you looking for a Diwali gift for the youngest members of your family? If that’s the case, surprise them with an adorable animal cable bite since it is one of the ideal Diwali gifts for kids. It is a useful gift item that avoids the breakage of their charger. Along with an animal cable bite, you can also purchase a stocking stuffer for them.

  • Family fun bucket list

Every family has a favourite activity. If your family takes outdoor adventure seriously, a family fun bucket list is exclusively for them. It is a tin-can loaded with a pile of sticks with an engraved wish. Since it has everything from stargazing to mountaineering, it becomes easier for you and your family to plan the next move without debating (for once).

  • Letter book set

A letter is the simplest form of expressing love. Moreover, nothing beats the power of handwritten letters. This Diwali, pass on a precious token, such as a letter book set as a Diwali gift to your parents. It is the best memento for the parents who appreciate handmade gifts and presents every festive season.

  • Pizza making kit

Pizza might be every family’s go-to solution when everyone is famished. So, surprise your family members with a pizza making kit to make the get-together special. Moreover, making a pizza together brings the whole family closer. This festive season, give a pizza making kit as a Diwali gift to your parents to make their life easier inside the house.

  • Family recipes journal

Every family has a special recipe that they swear by when they have guests over. So, curate a sacred journal that consists of all the favourite recipes for the members of your family. That way, a family recipe journal becomes a keepsake that can be passed on from one generation to the other.

  • Mickey mouse waffle maker

A family that eats breakfast together stays together. This year, make the Sunday breakfast spread a lot more creative by gifting a mickey mouse waffle maker to your loved ones. Whether you are hunting for Diwali gifts for parents or Diwali gifts for sister, it is the perfect way to kickstart Diwali celebrations at home with all your loved ones sharing a wholesome, fun meal together.

  • Airbnb gift card

When was the last time the whole family went out together? If it has been too long ever since your last vacation, Diwali is a great time to surprise your family with an Airbnb gift card. After all, family time at an exotic destination is what every person needs to de-stress themselves from their insane work schedule.

Today, the festival of Diwali is more about strengthening bonds with each other. What’s a better way than reviving your relationships with your near and dear ones with gifts? You can easily do so with the list of above-mentioned Diwali gifts. Happy Diwali to you and your special ones!

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