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3 Incredible Experiences You Should Have This Year

Make 2020 a year to remember with these exciting travel ideas:

Maui Whale Watching Tours

Interact with exquisite aquatic wildlife while touring Maui’s unforgettable seascape. Tours are available with a variety of options to choose from. Some tours will have Maui Whale Marine Naturalists on board. This expert will engage you with fun facts about Maui’s humpback whale population. Learn about these federally protected creatures, including their migration patterns and behaviors. Many Maui whale watching tours can be booked online. Most tour boats have an on-board hydrophone while whale watching. The hydrophones allow you and your companions the chance to hear the songs of Maui’s whales live while onboard the boat. You can also hear the whales singing while underwater snorkeling or SNUBA diving.

During your whale watching tour, Witness the whales in their natural habitat to view the splendor of these stunning creatures. Common behaviors displayed during a day at sea include blowing water and spy-hopping. The humpbacks also perform tail slapping, which is a common form of communication between whales, demonstrating their individual power and strength. The humpbacks may also do some spy-hopping, which is when the humpback whales propel themselves out of the water to observe their surroundings above.

Many Maui whale watching tours offer glass-bottom viewing rooms to enjoy the view and relax on the deck. Your knowledgeable crew can explain Maui’s surroundings and provide you information on the area’s whales and other sea creatures. Enjoy a bite to eat at your leisure while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Maui’s coastline.

Maui SNUBA Diving

While in Maui, experience some picture-perfect SNUBA diving. Maui’s exquisite coral reefs are best seen up close and personal. Don’t miss the chance to SNUBA dive at Molokini or Coral Gardens for a unique underwater experience. The majority of Maui’s snorkel sites are 10 to 35 feet deep, just the right depths for incredible SNUBA diving. SNUBA is a fantastic way to see the sheer Majesty of Maui’s aquatic wildlife.

SNUBA is a unique, shallow water diving system, bridging the gap between scuba diving and snorkeling. The oxygen tanks and equipment stay on a raft, eliminating the hassle of diving. A long hose connects with a steady flow of oxygen. This allows you to have more movement and you are never more than a few feet away from the security of the raft floating on the surface. Whales migrate from Alaskan waters every year to calve, mate, and rear their young in the warm Maui ocean. The whale watching season around Maui is annually from December through March. The whales flow in abundance and provide Maui residents and visitors a great opportunity to watch humpback whales in their natural habitat. Ocean conditions are ideal in the morning, but the whales are active all throughout the day. The best time of year to experience a Maui whale watching tour is in months of December thru March. The concentration of whales differs slightly each year, yet whale sightings do occur quite frequently. Some companies even offer whale watching and snorkeling combo tours.

Visit Maui’s Black Sand Beach

Taking a stroll along the exquisite black sands of Wai’anapanapa is an absolute must while in Maui. Its beautiful stone arches, ancient lava caves, hidden blowholes, and panoramic views are unlike any other. The word Wai’anapanapa means “glistening water”. Catch Maui’s striking black sand beaches in contrast to the illuminated waters. The black sand beaches have been the setting for many epic Hawaiian legends. Visit this sacred Hawaiian beach for incredible hiking, swimming, or having a nice picnic with your loved ones. While onsite, reserve one of the twelve cabins (be sure to check well in advance as these are in high demand).

Consider these three incredible experiences to make this year complete.

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