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3 Reasons You Need to Share Your Story with Others

Whether you are recovering from substance addiction or something traumatic that has recently occurred in your life, sharing your story is very important. Sharing your story online openly or as a John Doe can help have a huge impact. Here are a few reasons to do it:

It Gives Hope

If you have been through a tough time sharing about it gives other people hope who are going through the same thing. For example, if you have fought with mental illness in your past and have come out of it successfully, then talking about it will help other people suffering from depression understand that they can fight it too.

Helps You Move On

Sharing your story with others will give you a sense of satisfaction and will help you digest what happened. You are basically taking out time and acknowledging what happened to you and how this experience changed your life. Once you share the experience with others, you feel content and ready to move on to the next chapter of your life.

Starts a Conversation

Sometimes we go through something about which the people are not talking about much because it is considered as a taboo. It could be a situation through which a lot of people must be going through, and yet no one is brave enough to talk about it. Leaving it that way only helps it spread in the future, but when you share your experience, you provide people the courage to talk about it.

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