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3 sex positions every woman enjoys

We all know how much of a task it is for men to understand which position is most pleasurable for women. One of the easiest tricks to know which sex position excites her the most would be to have an open discussion with her. You need not be an avid reader of the Kama Sutra to know the best morning sex positions for your lady. We have got you covered. Take a mental note of the points listed below, and we are sure these amazing sex positions will make your woman love you even more.

  • Cowgirl- Everyone is familiar with this position. The position is also known as girl-on-top. In this position, women have all the control. Let her take charge for once and see the changes. Believe it or not, she would definitely love this position, even if she’s shy at first. This is a win-win position for both partners. You can enjoy your ride while the rider has a good time too. Since the woman is in charge in this position, she knows what needs to be done and how to reach the climax. Although the position is great, it could be a bit tiring for her. For a guaranteed orgasm, you can ask her to lean forward and move laterally rather than up and down. This move will hit her sensitive parts and help you reach clitoral orgasm.
  • Missionary- This amazing sex position needs no introduction and is already everyone’s favourite. It is a classic position. The position hits the right parts and thus is pleasurable to women. The position lets the woman stimulate her clitoris, which leads to enhancement in pleasure. On the other hand, the missionary sex position allows you to touch, kiss, and gaze into each other’s eyes and maximizes skin-to-skin contact, giving a sense of connection. All of this while you enjoy that pleasure at the same time. Who doesn’t want that? You can also try the advanced missionary position in case you need a change.
  • Doggy style- This is the position when the tip of the penis touches the cervix, and the cervix is full of nerve endings which is why it feels great to a woman. Penetration from behind also allows the option for clitoral stimulation. Either you can do it to maximize her pleasure, or she can do it herself. The advanced version of the doggy style could also prove to be great and lets you go straight into it, making you hit the right place at the right time. Make sure you do it gently. You can also tease her by thrusting slowly and make her want more of it.


Now that you know what could be the perfect way to heat things in the bedroom, try it next time. There are chances that your partner has different expectations in bed since everyone’s likes and dislikes differ. Make her comfortable and ask her directly what and how she wants things to be done. Give it some time and do the right thing.

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