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3 Ways To Refurbish A Church To Welcome Newcomers

For any church congregation that is looking to welcome newcomers and potentially land new members, there are various improvements that can be made that will make the church feel more modern and welcoming. In particular, there are three ways to refurbish a church that will have the most impact and get the most out of the investment. By making these three enhancements the church will be to attract more newcomers and make those newcomers feel more welcomed.

  1. Add Church Pew Cushions to Existing Church Pews

Church pews that are without cushions are less inviting and not as comfortable as pews that contain cushions. In order for a church to attract more newcomers, the church needs to be as comfortable as possible. Guests seek spiritual guidance in a setting that is comfortable for them.

Church pew cushions can be permanent installations or they can be an interchangeable solution that can be easily removed and placed back onto pews. Many churches neglect to remedy uncomfortable, dated pews that do not have cushions. Congregations should consider addressing the comfort level of their seating. Cushions are a great solution.

  1. Invest in and Install A Retractable Church Projector Screen

When making considerations about visiting a church and potentially becoming a regular attendee, newcomers today are seeking out congregations that offer modern amenities and modern worship styles. Retractable projector screens are becoming increasingly popular, and many churches use them for their worship services.

Projector screens are being used more by churches instead of traditional hymn books, and congregations also are using them for scripture referencing and responsive readings, too. While hymnals, the bible, and handouts are still used by the church staff and its members, projector screens are becoming more of the norm for modernized worship services. Visitors to churches are wanting modernized amenities. Retractable projector screens are a great addition that a congregation can add to meet those interests of newcomers.

  1. Update or Construct A Parlor for Welcoming Guests

Church parlors are great for welcoming newcomers. Before and after a church service, parlors can be utilized to make guests feel like family. Congregations use them to serve coffee and refreshments, to make personable and welcoming introductions and to display information about the church, its services, amenities, and all the ways attendees can worship.

If a congregation already has a parlor, they should consider updating it to make it more welcoming. Outdated wall-paper should be removed. Fresh paint could be applied and the use of neutral or welcoming colors should be used on the walls. Comfortable seating can be added so that newcomers do not feel rushed during conversations with church staff and members. Mirrors can be added to make the parlor feel more open and bright, too. Lamps and lighting should also be considered. And finally, the congregation should look at displaying photos of church activities on display boards along with literature about the church and its offerings that should line tables and be neatly displayed on shelving. A modern, stylish and inviting church parlor will indeed make newcomers feel more welcomed.

Church Refurbishing Makes A Difference

For congregations to make sure their church stands out in comparison to other churches, they must be sure to make any needed improvements. They must be sure to add any modern additions and enhancements that they can to attract and welcome more newcomers. The three aforementioned suggestions are great ideas that congregations should consider to make those efforts successful.

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