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4 Amazing Two Tone Colour Combinations for Your Home

It’s no secret that your home is an extension of your personality. Looking to decorate your home in a way that screams positivity, calmness and good vibes? If yes, then you must consider leaving behind the idea of using only a single hue for your rooms and instead experiment with trendy two colour combinations for your living room, bedroom and other rooms of your new home.

Clueless about which two-tone colour combinations you can use in 2022? You are lucky as we have rounded up 4 amazing two-tone colour combinations for your inspiration.

  1. Lime Green and Dark Blue 

Lime Green is gaining popularity in the world of fashion and interior designs in 2022 and we are here for it. It’s a fresh and airy colour that instantly makes your place emit a playful and happy vibe. On the other hand, dark blue colour has been a popular choice amongst home painting services for decades as it makes a space appear cool, calm and royal. Lime green and dark blue are a perfect combination for people who aren’t scared of going bold and making a statement through their walls. A pro tip is to keep the furniture and the rest of the décor elements in the room neutral so that they don’t clash with the bright walls and let the walls be the showstopper in the room.

  1. Mint green and Butter Yellow

If you are sceptical to go all out and use bright yellow for your home, then you can consider using a subtle and muted butter yellow colour from Asian Paint’s Royale Luxury Emulsion range. Butter yellow too screams optimism and cheerfulness but in a more parred-down manner. Mint green is a perfect hue to choose for people who want to add the colour green into their space but want a refreshing and unique shade of green. When it comes to choosing the furniture, you can go for colours like white, ivory and brown. The best part about using these two colour combinations is that they both act as neutral colours and match effortlessly with most of the colours in the colour catalogue.

  1. Terracotta and Light Sage 

Terracotta and Sage are two of the most popular colours that you will spot in almost every design magazine this year. So, why pick one out of them when you can use them both together? Terracotta and light sage are a perfect two colour combinations for your living room and your bedroom. While terracotta is an intense, rusty hue, the light shade of sage balances it and provides a perfect contrast to it. Both these hues are earthy and will instantly make your space appear calm, grounded and Zen. People who have cabin-style houses, vintage-themed or Bohemian houses must consider using this colour combination in their homes.

  1. Charcoal Grey and White 

Can’t let go of the neutrals? For all the neutral lovers, you can consider using a Charcoal grey and white colour combination in your space this year. This colour combination is perfect for people who have minimalistic, industrial and modern-style homes. A pro tip is to add touches of green through indoor plants and use white, beige, brown and blacks for your furniture for this two colour combination for living room.

So, which of these colour combinations are you planning to introduce to your home this year? Looking for credible home painting services in your locality to help you paint your dream home? Hire the Asian Paints Safe Painting Service and be assured knowing that they will help you with everything from choosing the perfect Royale Luxury Emulsion paint for your interior walls, and surface preparation, to painting and post-painting clean-up services.

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