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4 Sex Positions Every Woman Loves

‘Men are said to be from Mars and women from Venus’. Your sex life, on the other hand, does not have to be that far apart. To nail down that magical night- and give her the big O she deserves, try these different sex positions.

  • Up and Squeezy

Try this position to give your girl some goose-bump-inducing orgasm. Lift her legs high and cinch them together for a tight fit. To keep her comfortable, place a cushion underneath her pelvis. Enter her at a slight (about thirty-degree) angle to get a down-there feeling, unlike anything you’ve seen before in the missionary or doggy positions. As you pump away, you can stroke her clitoris and bask in the glory of this position.

  • Doggy style

The classic doggy style is arguably one of the favorite positions for women all over the world for a good reason. It stimulates all of the erogenous zones for women and gives them the satisfaction of being in command by regulating the angle and speed of thrusting. It’s a win-win sexual scenario that will lead to a mind-blowing orgasm. The location allows the penis to stroke the front wall of a tight vagina, resulting in deeper penetration and, in many cases, the woman achieving her orgasm solely by penetration.

What’s the best part of it all? Rub your girl’s clit for an extra orgasmic boost—you can easily reach that ecstasy button with one hand while still maintaining control.

  • Missionary Position

If that’s all you do, missionary sex is bound to be boring. This is particularly true if he’s doing his usual in-and-out and she’s lying there like a starfish.

But this is the go-to stance for a reason: it pleases everybody. It reaches all the right erogenous zones for the women, and he’s deeply penetrating and in command. It’s intimate and unmistakably romantic. You can also make it kinky and raunchy by experimenting with different sex positions. Try the spread eagle (with handcuffs if you’re feeling kinky), one leg raised at a side angle to access various pleasure zones, and both legs raised with her ankle above her head, for a mind-blowing session.

It’s also not a one-man show. The figure of eight is another must-try missionary variation. It’s a simple orgasm position with a slow build in which he moves his penis inside of you in a long, sensual figure of eight strokes. His penis moves in a circular motion to send you a double-decker orgasm, while his pelvis rub serves as an extra stroke for your clit.

  • The Cowgirl

The cowgirl role has been scientifically proven to be one of the best ways to achieve a P-in-V big O.

It keeps the woman in charge, assists her in thrusting right, and allows her free access to clitoral stimulation. They can switch between grinding and bouncing, and you can give them a boost by adding pressure to her clit or massaging her bosoms.

You don’t need to be a Kama Sutra master to give her the big O every time. It is all about smashing habits, trying new things, and improving something that already works.

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