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4 Snacks That Will Satisfy All Your Sweet and Salty Cravings

Our body’s response to feeling hungry and needing energy sometimes causes physical cravings of sweet or salty things or sometimes even both! According to Cleveland Clinic, environmental and psychological factors both can cause cravings to occur. For example, when one is stressed, it is common for them to have salt cravings.

In women, cravings also occur during pregnancy and during their menstrual cycles. Since cravings can be tricky to handle, it is usually good to have some tasty snacks around in your pantry for a quick fix to your whims. Here are 4 tasty snacks in the sweet, salty, and mid-range that you would love if you’re having a craving!

Sunfeast All-rounder biscuits: Thin Potato Masala salted biscuits, 75g

If you love chips and crispy fried potatoes, this snack is perfect for you. A unique and new snack, the Sunfeast All-Rounder Biscuits are thin potato biscuits that are seasoned with the tastiest chatpata masala. These biscuits are light, extremely crunchy and filled with salt, sweet and spice to give you the best snack during tea-time or while you’re binge-watching shows. Its light packaging makes it perfect to travel with and have between meals too!

Fabelle Fire

Chocolates make for the perfect kind of sweet during celebrations and the best kind of partners during sadness too. Having a bite of a delicious chocolate always lifts spirits and makes us more positive. Fabelle Fire is a chocolate that brings together the sweetness of premium chocolate, and white mousse with the spice of Ancho Chilli to give us a unique bar of chocolate that might satisfy all our sweet and spicy cravings forever!

Fabelle Fire is a part of the Fabelle Elements collection which is a range of luxury chocolate bars inspired by the elements of nature like Earth, Fire, Wood and Air. Check out the Fabelle chocolate price here.

Fabelle Choco Deck Milk & Ruby Chocolate Bar

If you have a huge sweet-tooth and love indulging in the best chocolates, you must try the Fabelle Choco Deck Milk & Ruby Chocolate Bar. This Fabelle chocolate bar features a filling of the 4th type of chocolate, the Ruby chocolate which will surely be a treat for chocolate lovers. Not only does this chocolate bar taste heavenly, but its contrasting colours of brown and pink make it an treat for the eyes too.

Fabelle Choco Deck Milk & Ruby Chocolate Bar is perfect if you are having intense chocolate cravings in the middle of the day or late at night too!

Sunfeast Caker Layered Cake, Butterscotch

When craving sweet, not everyone craves chocolate every time. Sometimes, you just want to have your cake and eat it too. Sunfeast Caker Layered Cake, Butterscotch is just that cake in a pocket-sized form. This exquisite and moist Butterscotch-flavoured layered cake is delectable in taste and has the perfect crème to cake ratio! If you enjoy soft fluffy cakes and the classic butterscotch flavour, this is your best go-to snack if you have a sweet craving!

Sunfeast Caker Layered Cake, Butterscotch can be had between meals, and along with milk or tea. It’s size and effective packaging makes it a favourable snack that can carried along in travel and even packed along with tiffin boxes!

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