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4 Things That Prove How the Dentistry Field Has Evolved

If you plan a visit for general and cosmetic dentistry in Westfield, you likely wonder what to expect and whether your patient experience will be worth your money. Part of your research is how dentistry has transformed over the years. You realize that the dental industry is nothing like it used to be, particularly between the 1900s and today. Today, the Dental Studios will show you the significant changes in dentistry and impact the patient experience.

The origins of dentistry

Back in 7500 B.C, in ancient Egypt, dentist professionals conducted numerous procedures like tooth replacement, which led to the present-day crowns and dentures. At the time, they used pieces of clothing and an abrasive powder to keep the teeth clean. Some of them relied on a drill to scrape out the tooth enamel and infected tissue in other cases. While this method was effective back then, people with dental problems often experienced recurring complications.

How dentistry has transformed over the past decade

  1.     The dental practice is more about preventative care

If you have a dental problem, chances are you could be practicing bad oral care habits. Today, dentists do not have to wait until you have a problem to come up with an appropriate treatment plan. At the moment, dentists are more equipped with the latest technology to detect a problem before it becomes worse. Present-day dentistry is more about preventative care than curative care.

  1.     The entry of smart toothbrushes

You already know that brushing and flossing your teeth can prevent infections, but have you tried the smart toothbrush already? If you have not, it is time you invested in them. Smart toothbrushes are designed to record how long you have brushed for, the angles you took while brushing, and what type of technique you used. Additionally, the brushes come with entertaining apps that include games to encourage kids to brush regularly.

  1.     Same-day crowns

Gone are the days when you had to schedule two or three sessions to have your crowns fixed. Today, you do not have to wait for your customized crown to be sent to the laboratory before it is fixed. Through robotic-assisted technology allows dentists to customize and install same-day crowns.

  1.     Needle-free anesthesia

Like most people, the thought of needles poking your gums or mouth area can be devastating. After realizing that patients avoid dentists due to dental anxiety, inventors came up with electronic anesthesia to make their lives more stress-free. With modern anesthesia, you do not need to worry about biting your tongue or having speech problems.

Schedule a consultation with your general or cosmetic dentist today

Considering the perks that come with evolved dentistry, it does not take tech-savviness to know if a dental clinic will offer you the best patient care experience. From when you book your appointment to when you walk through the front door, you will see how patient-focused they are. That means you do not need to delay or cancel your appointment due to dental anxiety. Schedule an online consultation with your dentist today to determine if you are an ideal candidate for general or cosmetic dentistry service.

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