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5 benefits of timely Car Insurance renewal 

Having a four-wheeler is undoubtedly a boon. But it brings with it a set of responsibilities. Besides ensuring its maintenance, you also need to take care of its safety. You must protect it from road collisions, unanticipated damages, theft, etc. However, doing so is not always possible as some things are beyond our control. Hence, it is essential to have Car Insurance in place. 

This Insurance provides financial protection against losses from such events. It also covers medical expenses you may have incurred during the accident. But to enjoy these perks, you need an active policy always. If your plan expires, you cannot avail of such assistance. Thus, timely renewal is advisable. The following benefits explain why:

  • Sustains coverage & protection 

Motor Insurance offers comprehensive coverage. But post expiry, these offerings become invalid. You cannot claim the financial backing needed for unfortunate situations. For example, you get involved in a road accident. Your vehicle endures significant physical damage. But your Car Insurance renewal is pending. In this scenario, you cannot cover the repair costs from the Insurance. 

You need to pay it from your pocket. Hence, having a valid Car Policy is imperative to stay protected.

  • Dodges legal issues

It is legally problematic to continue driving with expired Insurance. In India, the act is viewed as a criminal offence that can garner a penalty of up to Rs. 2,000. In some cases, the driver could even face imprisonment. Therefore, it is best to take your Car Policy renewal seriously. 

  • No Bonus Claim facility

If you make no claims during the tenure of your policy, you receive a No Bonus Claim. It is equivalent to a reward for being a responsible driver. The NCBs keep accumulating as you continue to make no claims. But if the Insurance expires amidst this, all your acquired NCBs go to waste. Hence, it is ideal to opt for a Car Insurance renewal online. It allows you to maintain your NCB growth. It enables you to enjoy discounts and other appealing advantages of NCBs. 

  • Discards high premiums

When you delay the renewal of your Car Policy, you usually end up paying higher premiums. You might also need to buy a new policy if you keep pushing it. You are no longer eligible for discounts and other offers in such cases. Along with the affordable premium, you also lose out on the perks offered by your previous plan. 

To avoid such situations, you should be punctual with your online Car Insurance renewal. It does not take time and is beneficial in the long run. 

  • Offers security

You get a sense of security when you renew your policy on time. You drive around your vehicle with confidence and an assurance of safety. You enjoy freedom from worrisome thoughts about financial implications in the case of an unfortunate event. 


Being a responsible driver does not only limit to following traffic rules. It entails having active Motor Insurance in place. That way, you protect yourself and others around you when you hit the road. 

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