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5 Questions to ask a Recruiter before Hiring One

Working with recruiters for any business can feel overwhelming for leaders, and employees, but it is a very common practice among the business world. It makes perfect sense in that way to hire recruiters in Austin TX. To do so will not only add organization to the business but will be a key ingredient for creating new partnerships with employees and employers.

How do you know that the company has hired a great recruiter? Asking the right questions is the place to start. What type of relationships did they have with the last managers they worked with? How would they deal with the applicants who did not receive the job. There are many more things that might be running through the mind of a business owner during this time. Below can be found 5 top questions to ask a recruiter.

How was Your Relationship with Previous Employers?

It might seem like a silly question but it is quite straightforward. Every day recruiters are hired in order to get employers the right fits they need for the company. How did this recruiter work with it’s last employer? Were they able to build strong relationships with their superiors? Some people are great at working as a team, but it’s important to know the person hiring the team, is a people person.

How often do your connections stay employed with the company?

Most businesses have a high turnover rate. To be the best in the business you want the best. Hiring a recruiter that is able to fill positions where their candidates stay longer than a month or more, that’s great. A recruiter who spends time focusing on filling the position correctly is great, after all, a company wants somebody to stick around for the long haul, not the short term.

How do you treat candidates who don’t get the job?

Many recruiters are more focused on the hiring than they are the candidate. It’s important to ask your new recruiter what he does for those who don’t reach the requirements for the position. Sometimes, being too focused on the hiring can cause the brand to go overlooked. The person doing your hiring, is still a representation of your company. Being declined for a job is dissatisfying in any sense, but the right person can help this go down with ease.

Do you have a LinkedIn profile?

With technology as it is, having a resume isn’t enough. People like to see things online or with documentation. LinkedIn for example is a great place for recruiters to find new employee potentials. Does the recruiter in your area have their own page? While many people might find social media as a shortfall, being out there and the public can come very handy. This profile gives a good look into if the new recruiter is social and has a way to share contact information, ideas and work together as a group to network.

What’s the most Rewarding part?

Much like any interview, the most important thing to ask, is why do they like what they do. A lot of places may find this is odd, but a truly passionate person can be hungry and always want to move forward. Listen to their answers as they tell you, are they a go getter? Do they enjoy meeting new people, or simple social interactions? Think of all the things you want for the business. Success comes to those who stride.

Hiring the right recruiters in Austin TX doesn’t have to be hard. Remember these simple questions and get the best for your task force with all the right tools. It’s important to find someone who is passionate about the company as much as the rest of the corporation. A strong team starts from the top, but trickles down into the employees. Combining that knowledge, with a brand new recruiter will help to get the business right where it needs to be.

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