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5 reasons why one should create wedding video invitations

Wedding video invitations are a must at any wedding. While the wedding video invitations are gaining popularity, there are couples who still think there is no need to get one. Why this question comes up is because couples do 3 style of invitations. Doing the printed one, the E-invite and the wedding video invitations all together makes it very expensive. This triples the costs. But imagine if you have to do just wedding video invitations. Aren’t you wondering why you didn’t think of it before? Yes. There are benefits of wedding video invitations now that you haven’t seen before right? Here are some of them.

It’s engaging

Compare staring at a wedding paper invite to watching a nice and engaging video. There’s running around, there are romance and there is a story that the couple wants to tell. It feels like a film and the guests feel like watching more and more. A wedding video invitation engages the guest and makes it personal for them.

Guests can get to know the couple better

Wedding video invitations generally have a theme or story behind it. There is a scenic location and all the chemistry that the couple is trying to throw at you. The guests get to know the couples choices, preferences, where they met and everything else around their wedding.

Cheaper than printing and delivering 100s of cards

Most couples do the mistake of creating a wedding video invitation and also print wedding cards. In such a case a wedding video invitation almost becomes like an added cost rather than a necessary expense. But if you are doing a wedding video invitation alone it works out much cheaper than the cost of printing invites and delivering them.

A good way for couples to bond

Wedding video invitation shootings happen in scenic locations outside of the city or in an entirely different city. This helps the couple take some time off from all the wedding planning stress and spend some time with each other. It also gives them the opportunity to get to know how good or bad they are as a team when it comes to doing things as a team.

So these are the reasons why one should do a wedding video invitation.

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