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7 Tips on How to Light a Bathroom

While designing your bathroom, you need to ensure that all safety precautions are being taken to avoid any accidents. This may include installing electronic devices away from water, keeping the floor dry, using non-slip mats, keeping the place properly illuminated, and many more. In some cases, people ignore the importance of lighting in the bathroom interior design. It is always very crucial to ensure that the bathroom is well-lit. Besides appearing very unappealing, it can be very difficult to do any activity in the bathroom if you do not install adequate lighting fixtures. In a well-lit bathroom, you can see everything clearly and will not slip, trip, or fall down. Also, you can add more drama and create a very relaxing space with the right lighting fixtures. If you are not sure how to light up your bathroom design, mentioned below are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 07 Opt for task lights

When it comes to lighting up your bathroom interior design, the first thing you need to consider is installing task lighting. Task lights help you see where you are going. You can install task lights near the vanity and above your shower. However, if your bathroom design is not very huge, installing just one task light can keep the entire space illuminated.

02 of 07 Task lights above a mirror is a mistake

You should always avoid installing task lights just above the mirror. It will cast shadows on your face. As a result, it will not be useful when you apply make-up in front of the mirror.  Similarly, you should avoid installing other lighting fixtures above the mirror as well. Always install the lights on either side of the mirror so that they do not cast shadows on your face. In case the design of the vanity does not allow you to install lights on the sides, consider installing them on the mirror.

03 of 07 What should be the task light wattage?

The wattage of light has a huge impact on your decision. For different areas, you need lights with different wattage. You can consider installing lighting fixtures in the bathroom that have 75 to 1007 watts. However, homeowners opting for compact fluorescent should install lights with 24 to 26 watts and for LED, they should choose lights with 20 to 25 watts. Using dimmers is a great idea if you want to control the level of brightness. Lights with 45 watts are recommended for the powder room.

04 of 07 Ambient lighting is important

Ambient lighting is a fill light that can take the place of natural light. It plays a crucial role in creating the ambience in the bathroom. With the right lighting fixtures, you can easily enliven the appeal of your bathroom interior design. Pendant lights with a translucent shade are a great choice for bathrooms with tall ceilings. Besides pendant lights, you can install a chandelier as well to add more drama to the setup. If you are looking for something sleeker, consider installing cove lighting. Cove lights enhance the visual appeal of the space by adding a soft glow.

05 of 07 Accent lighting

Accent lights are used to add more drama to any space. If your bathroom interior design features artwork or any decoration, consider installing small recessed spotlights to keep them highlighted. You can install accent lights in your powder room and point them towards the basin. Consider installing tilt recessed lights in the shower area if you want to keep your beautiful tile work highlighted.

06 of 07 Decorative lighting

There are not many decor items you can consider for the bathroom. Hence, you can buy lights that feature beautiful designs and styles. Besides keeping your bathroom illuminated, decorative lights will function as a decor item to enhance the appeal of the bathroom design. Some great options are chandeliers and wall sconces.

07 of 07 The type of bulb needed

Choose bulbs that have a crisp white light for your bathroom interior design. If you want a sparkling effect, halogen bulbs are a great choice. Although they are expensive, they are quite durable as well. It is always better to consult with your seller once before choosing the type of bulb.

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