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8 Project Ideas for Your CNC Machine

Adding a CNC Machine to your collection can help you create a wide range of intricate designs on your products, whether for your home or sale. Inventables, a reputable CNC firm renowned for the X-Carve CNC machine, produces and distributes simple, affordable software for a fulfilling designing experience.  This machine is capable of designing a wide variety of products. Here are a few projects to get you started:

A Cutting Board

Cutting boards are versatile kitchen items and a well -designed board can be used for various purposes, including serving steak. Besides adding beauty to your kitchen, you can make good money selling laser engraved cutting boards to restaurants and butcheries. You can use bamboo plywood for this project. You only need to input your dimensions on the software and let the machine do its work.

Serving Trays

Beautiful food trays can add a touch of class to food and will leave your visitors in awe. Trays can also be usefulfor serving drinks. You can add value to the trays by engraving names or images that have a sentimental value to the user.


Are you unable to find a sculpture that suits your taste and personality? How about designing your sculpture inspired by a diagram you have drawn? CNC technology will help you carve unique sculpture designs in record time.

Wooden Key Tags

Few things beat the agony of losing your keys. Make your keys easy to trace by designing trendy wooden tags and carving them in minutes! Hostels, hotel rooms and motels are continually replacing their key tags. You can sell your tags to these institutions for quick money.

Signage Boards

You can design a wide range of signs using software on your CNC machine. Attractive signage is a plus for any organization and firms will spend a reasonable amount of money to get the best signage. Your CNC machine can craft quality signs in various fonts to give you an edge. You can source quality designing software from Inventables for signage ideas that stand out.

Wooden Picture Frames

Picture frames are timeless and can add life to ordinary pictures. They are a vital element in interior design as they break the monotony of plain walling. You can design custom made frames on your CNC desktop and add to you collection of frames in minutes.

Egg Trays

Plastic egg trays, which are more durable than carton trays are very popular. However, they are somewhat unsightly. With your CNC software, you can design an egg tray that also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.   

Laptop Stand

Remote work and online studies mean that laptops are a must carry item. Resting your laptop on your laps can be tiresome, especially in the outdoors. You can design a comfortable stand for your laptop and take the headache out of remote work.

As you embark on these projects, remember to check out various videos and tutorials posted on the internet to make your work easier. You can join the Inventables forum to share your projects and learn from other artists.

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