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A better understanding of Carotid Stenting

Nowadays, the kind of lifestyle that people have or live is putting more risks on their health. For example, taking foods with excessive cholesterol may block the arteries. People today don’t seem to like exercise. This also puts their health at risk as the body cannot get rid of the excess cholesterol in the arteries. To save the arteries from further damage, Evergreen Park carotid stenting professionals offer stenting procedures for treating the arteries. Here is all that you should know about carotid stenting to help enhance a better understanding.

Carotid Stenting

The arteries play a vital role in delivering or carrying oxygenated blood from the heart to all parts of the brain. If they are blocked or develop a default, that means that the brain will no longer be supplied with oxygen. This usually leads to stroke, and as known, it is a condition that has severe repercussions.

Carotid stenting is a procedure mainly used to unblock the arteries. During the procedure, doctors usually place a small wire mesh tube into the blocked arteries. The stent’s main function is to widen the arteries, thus allowing a smooth flow of blood. This procedure ensures that the brain is filled with enough oxygenated blood to provide nourishment to parts of the brain.

What to expect during a carotid stenting procedure

An anesthetic agent is required during the whole process. Doctors take X-ray images of the arteries to help know the exact place where arteries require stenting. A small tube is placed in the groin to help reach the blocked arteries. A catheter is also used. The catheter is made up of a balloon at the tip.

The balloon helps to clear the artery by removing and filtering any debris that remains in the artery. After clearing and removing the clogs, a stent is placed into the artery vessels. This is made possible with the help of a tube that allows the stent to fit properly in the blood vessel.

The tube, filter, and balloon are then removed slowly, leaving the stent behind. The stent’s role is to ensure that the arteries remain open and prevent narrowing that may occur in the future. After the whole procedure is completed, a patient must continue to lie flat to prevent bleeding through the site where the catheter was placed.

Is the procedure Painful?

Generally, the procedure involves an incision in the neck region. That is why an anesthetic agent is required to numb the area to prevent you from experiencing pain during the surgery. After the surgery, it is normal to experience some soreness at the exact place of the incision for a few days. You may also experience some swelling and bruising. However, your doctor will prescribe some medications that will reduce this swelling and soreness.

Get a Carotid Stenting Procedure Today

You do not need to suffer from conditions that may arise due to having blocked arteries anymore, as Vascular Specialists are here to help you. Visit vascular surgeons located in Tinley Park, where you receive carotid stenting from qualified surgeons.

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