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A Guide to Improving your English Language Proficiency

If you are a non-native speaker of English and are looking into further education, English should be a top priority, and there are special online courses that can help you develop the essential skills to improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing. The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a globally recognised standard that will ensure that you are accepted into the university of your choosing, or if you are looking for a promising career, a good PTE score will certainly help.

Online Studies

Studying online is convenient and we all can ill-afford to waste our precious time travelling to and from our classes, and with an online class, you study when you are ready. The process for enrolling is as follows:

  • After a computerised assessment test, you will be graded and enrolled into the right course for your current level of ability. The course will be personalised by the expert tutors, focusing on your weak areas and you will be given access to the online classes.
  • One on One Supervision – The online course allows you to communicate with your tutor in real time, plus you are given regular homework assignments that are marked by your tutor.
  • Practice Tests – You can access the many PTE sample test whenever you feel you are ready, which allows you to accurately gauge your progress.
  • Mock PTE Exam – Once you think you are ready, you can sit a mock PTE exam, which is as close to real thing as is possible, and within 2 hours, you will receive a written report from your tutor, showing you where your errors were.

There are many online opportunities to improve your English proficiency, and by choosing the PTE Academic Module, you can be sure that you are learning the right things that will help you in your career choices. Studying online means you can learn at your own pace, with the video lessons posted online and you can access them at your convenience, plus you always have the opportunity for practice tests and mock exams.

Free Practice

When learning to speak a language, free practice is a critical element, as we learn new vocab and grammar structure in the classroom, with some guided practice with the teacher. In order to reinforce the new knowledge, it is important to use the language in a free and natural way, so do try to make friends with native English speakers whenever possible, as this will give you the practice you need.

Listening Practice

One of the best ways to develop your listening skills is to watch English speaking movies, as the players speak at a natural speed, which is essential, so resist the temptation to watch a film that is dubbed with your native language. Listening to music is another good way to improve your listening comprehension skills, and if possible, speak English with as many of your friends as possible.

By enrolling in a PTE preparation course, you are taking the first steps to crucial language development that will help you with both further education and career choices, and you will be in a good position to develop to English language fluency in the near future.

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