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Achieve Your Health Concerns at the Best Adults and Pediatrics Care in Texas

Good health is essential for quality living and fulfillment. Hence, it is significant to take care and maintain our health through healthy lifestyles and standard healthcare. However, as humans, we are prone to diseases and health conditions that make our lives miserable and challenging. Investing in top medical care comes a long way in times of illness. Calvary Urgent Care is a family medical facility specializing in providing urgent and primary care services to patients of all ages. The practice provides comprehensive and effective medical treatments, including the best adults and pediatrics in Humble. For compassionate and gentle family healthcare, call or book online to schedule your appointment.

Calvary Urgent Care is a premier health facility dedicated to offering efficient health services to promote health and enhance quality lives. The highly skilled medical team strives to provide the best care and deliver excellent results. The family-friendly practice provides effective and extensive care for both children and adults in a comfortable environment. They offer primary care, urgent and specialized care to ensure your family health needs are met in one place. Visit them today for care with a difference.

What is adult and pediatrics care?

At Calvary Urgent Care, adult and pediatrics care includes urgent care, preventative care, primary care services, and physicals for adults and children of all ages. The highly skilled team, including family physicians, clinicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, offers helpful treatments for chronic and acute diseases.

What services are available for adult and pediatrics care?

Calvary Urgent Care offers various services for adult and pediatric care, including

  •       Pregnancy testing
  •       Travel vaccines
  •       Sports, immigration, and school physicals
  •       Drug testing
  •       Workers compensation care
  •       Minor office procedures
  •       Wound, burn, and fracture care
  •       Disease and illness testing and treatment
  •       An on-site pharmacy, diagnostic center, and lab

Calvary Urgent Care provides any medical needs you and your family require for an improved healthy life. The practice is open every day throughout the week; hence you can visit at any time and receive exceptional care.

What to expect during an appointment?

The highly experienced medical team provides immediate care once you are at their premises. Your provider examines your health, including your pulse and blood pressure, reviews your medical history, symptoms, and current medications.

After physical examinations, your care provider recommends diagnostic tests, including X-rays, STD tests, allergy testing, among others, to determine the cause of your condition. Where necessary, the doctor offers vaccinations such as travel vaccines.

Your provider fills out the needed paperwork for the appropriate persons for workers’ compensation appointments or sports, school, or immigration physical.

For minor in-office procedures like burn care, stitches, or fracture treatment, the highly skilled care providers provide outstanding care in a calm and comfortable space. For advanced care, they may refer you to another health practice or specialist.

Is it advisable to choose urgent care or an emergency room?

Calvary Urgent Care provides convenient and affordable care compared to the emergency room. However, it is ideal for getting to an emergency room near you in case of a life and death situation.

In conclusion, Calvary Urgent Care provides adequate and comprehensive adult and pediatrics care to meet all health concerns and ensure health. The practice offers quality healthcare services to meet all your family health needs. Visit them today for care with a difference.

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