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Advanced Treatment for Hair Loss in Florida

Treating hair loss requires a unique approach appreciating specific differences from one patient to the next. Honest Hair Restoration serves Tampa, Sarasota & Ft. Myers, Florida, from a strategic location in Bradenton. At Honest Hair Restoration, Martin Maag M.D. and his team use an integrative and holistic approach to deliver effective and long-term results. If you’re in Florida, visit Dr. Maag’s expert team for a fully personalized experience and long-term results.

Services Offered at Honest Hair Restoration

Martin Maag, MD cooperates with a team of board-certified specialists in:

  •       Hair transplant. To curb thinning hair, Dr. Maag uses NeoGraft® to make your hair thick using donor transplants from your scalp and ProGrowth Combination F.U.E. to give you a natural hairline. Dr. Maag reviews your medical history, examines your hair, and reviews your hair goals to determine your eligibility for a hair transplant. You should expect procedures like donor hair removal, follicular unit extraction, P.R.P. injections, and recipient site creation.
  •       Alopecia consultation and medical management. Common signs of alopecia include thinning hair, receding hairline, and bald spots. Dr. Maag’s team examines your scalp, medical history and runs a blood test to pinpoint underlying causes for your hair loss. Treatment options for alopecia include hair transplantation, low-level caps, regenerative medicine, and prescription medication. Dr. Maag uses a multifaceted approach to handle all underlying causes to stimulate healthy hair regrowth in the areas of interest.
  •       Exosomal hair restoration uses an exosome mixture into the scalp to restore tissues, repair cells, stimulate new cell growth, and heal damaged cells. Dr. Maag reviews your medical history, examines your scalp and hair, desired outcome, and general health to determine your Exosomal injections eligibility. You should expect slight discomfort and no downtime. Dr. Maag may recommend procedures like custom-blended medications, low-level laser therapy, P.R.P., hair transplantation, or NeoGraft® assisted ProGrowth Combination F.U.E.
  •       Follicular unit extraction (F.U.E.) is an effective remedy for hair loss. Your grafting specialist considers the number of hairs from each follicular unit before harvesting the hair follicle. Dr. Maag considers your medical history, desired hair goals and examines your hair and scalp to determine the best approach. Your treatment lasts for five to seven hours, after which you can resume normal activity. You may need antibiotics for infections and some painkillers.
  •       Support and consultation. Honest Hair Restoration offers hair loss support and consultation. Your provider takes time to educate you on hair loss causes and how to maintain the results of your treatment for years. Dr. Maag recommends an ideal hair restoration based on your genetics, health history, preferences, lifestyle, and desired outcome. He may recommend remedies like exosomal hair restoration, follicular unit extraction, low-level laser treatment, P.R.P. injections, or NeoGraft® assisted ProGrowth Combination F.U.E.

Dr. Maag’s team delivers fully personalized treatment targeting individual differences.

Wrap Up

Both men and women are likely to battle hair loss caused by genetics, family history of hair loss, lifestyle, nutritional choices, and hormonal changes. Call Honest Hair Restoration or book an appointment online to meet Dr. Maag to get thicker and fuller hair.

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