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All About Luxury Watch Straps

Watch straps are something that has been around for over a century. Historians believe that the first watch strap, made of leather, was first used by soldiers in World War II. Before that, it was the era of pocket watches. The soldiers used to spend days in the trenches, and they attached a leather strap to their pocket watches to keep track of time. However, after a few years, wristwatches became popular as a women-centric product as they became available in different colors and materials like rose gold yachtmaster rubber strap. They were considered dainty and feminine, and this trend changed only when leather watch straps became a vogue again.

Today, some watch straps are considered a luxury, and the industry is enormous. Some of these straps are made with high-quality leather, which is sourced from alligators, ostrich, and some companies have started making imitation leather.

Changing the Watch Strap

It is a common problem. It is difficult for watch enthusiasts to measure the lug width and accurately analyze which strap will fit their wrist. For doing this, a few steps need to be followed. First, using a spring bar tool, remove the rose gold yachtmaster rubber strap from your watch. Once one side is free from the grip of the watch, the other side will automatically be free. Next, lay the watch down on a flat surface; but you need a ruler for this step to work. Start from the inside of the left lug and measure the lug width from left to right end. Round off the decimal numbers to the nearest whole number, and this will be the lug width. According to this number, a person can buy the next luxury strap for their watch. Just insert the springs back after putting the new strap on the watch.

Rubber Straps

If a watch enthusiast is not choosing a leather strap for their watch, they will go for either a rubber or silicone strap. However, the question here remains that which one among rubber and silicone strap is better. Typically, silicone does not measure up to natural rubber, and the reason dates back to the time silicone was invented. Silicone elastomers were developed as an insulating material for electric generators as an alternative to Resin impregnated glass fibers. However, this glass was heat resistant; however, the resins could not withstand the heat inside the electric motors.

When silicone was invented, neither silicone nor rubber was used as a watch strap. And a company called Dow Corning saw the broader application of silicone and started producing it in 1947. In fact, Dow Corning was formed as a joint venture between Corning Glass, which primarily produced glass, and Dow Chemical. Silicone has unique properties and is used in various medical procedures.

Coming to rubber, it was first formed out of natural sap from heave trees in America. The definition of Rubber is flexible now, and there are several kinds of rubber available now, which are inspired versions of the original rubber. But how did rubber get its name? Its name originated in Britain when they discovered that the substance could rub out the mistakes made with pencils. That’s how the term rubber came into existence. Natural Rubber is one of the most well-known polymers, and its recorded use dates back to the era of Mayans and Aztecs. Rubber is a waterproof material and is used to make boots.

So, which strap is preferred by watch enthusiasts? Rubber is a much more preferred material as it feels better on the wrist, and it is perfectly made with additional additives. Not to forget, it comes with brilliant luxury options like a rose gold yachtmaster rubber strap.

How to Choose a Watch Strap?

A Watch is an essential accessory and is a killer detail that can enhance the style statement. However, the outfit needs to complement the watch strap, and there are a few comprehensive steps you need to follow.

  • Respecting the nature of the watch comes first. If it is a vintage leather strap, it will go along with a beautiful suit; however, a Rose gold Yacht master Rubber strap can go with any outfit of their selection, be it formal or casual.
  • Keep an eye for detail, and that includes the finish of the watch strap. People scrutinize the quality of the watch before buying, but they often forget about the watch strap. There are many types of strap finish that include coarse finish, random stitching, and varied colors.
  • The composition and fitness of each strap are different. Some are made from leather, and others are made of rubber or silicone. Keeping a sharp focus on the finish will give your outfit a luxurious touch.
  • The stitching and the dye are important finishing factors for a leather watch. It should not show machine marks, and the dye needs to be even and should have a perfect matte finish after two coats.

Weather Queries

Leather straps are often the go-to choice of all watch lovers. Leather Straps are perfect for the winters, but they don’t enjoy summers very much. Leather possesses a lack of water resistance and sweat absorbent qualities which makes it something that should sit by the pool. The last thing a person would want at the end of a fun summer day is to find out that their leather strap did not survive the weather. Now, Rubber straps are made for all seasons. A person can comfortably wear a rose gold yachtmaster Rubber Strap in the summers as they are waterproof, so the strap remains safe amidst the sweat and the pool dip. Our skin expands in the summers so that a rubber strap can fit comfortably in a person’s wrist throughout the day. Rubber Straps are perfectly durable and practical in all seasons.


Every detail is essential when it comes to Watch straps. It is essential to examine both the watch and the watch strap. There are many types of materials available, and therefore, it is up to the person to consider which one works out the best for them. With customization becoming the norm, from socks to belt buckles, why should Watch straps be left behind?

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