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Best Escape rooms in San Francisco 

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to do and bored of the same old same old every weekend night, you have to try an escape room with your friends next time. Escape rooms are a fun and interactive experience that allow you to think while also doing something fun with your friends, family or significant other even. It may sound scary at first to be locked in a room with strangers and no visible way out but trust me you will have so much fun figuring out the puzzles and escape before time runs out. The top four escape rooms in San Francisco include Palace Games, EscapeSF, Real Escape Game and Clockwise.

Palace Games

Palace games is an escape room in sf that encompasses the thrill of trying to escape while also working together in teams. They specialize in team building and group escape efforts and are great for family reunions, work events and team building exercises. At palace games you can choose between the great Houdini escape, The Roosevelt escape room, The Edison escape room or escape the palace. Each individual room has different decor, design and challenges included with them and creates a unique playing experience every time.

Escape SF

Escape SF is great for couples on date night, as they specialize in couple challenges with a selection of four different themed rooms. The most popular of the four includes escape from Alcatraz which certainly is not for the weak of heart. You are locked inside of a prison cell and are forced to find your way out. Another popular one is the blind tiger room which is known for being the most difficult of them all. This room is set in an old speakeasy type setting and is filled with twists and turns and new puzzles and challenges that you may not have ever seen before. Anyone completing this challenge will surely be recognized as a pro as this room is top notch!

Real Escape Game

Real Escape Game is great for large groups and for people that are still beginners or have never done an escape room before. Much less intense than the tiger room or Alcatraz at Escape SF, this escape room is for puzzle lovers and is only an easier playing field. You can plan on escape from one of these rooms at Real Escape Game to take nearly an hour so make sure you plan your time right and bring snacks and prepare for a fun time.


The Clock Wise Escape room is another really fun place to go for a thrill seeking escape artist. There are four different choices when you make your reservation at ClockWise you can either choose party in Vegas or the Asylum if it’s just you and your hubby or if you want to go with a larger group you can try the Incredible Machine or The Paranormal Experience which can accommodate up to groups of ten. With fully immersive rooms, witty clues and expert designs these escape rooms are not only fun but also a whole new experience!

So while your out and about in the beautiful city of San Francisco take a chance on an escape room and really get your mind going. You can’t escape the fun and thrill you will experience by visiting any one of these top rated, exciting escape rooms in San Francisco, California.

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