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Black and White Bathroom Interior Design

So you have decided to go for the timeless black and white look for your bathroom interior design, congratulations! Among the most interior designs that you can always rely on, it’s the stunning black and white. This colour scheme will elevate the appearance of your bathroom design like no other. It is guaranteed to win everyone’s hearts with its chic and stylish appeal – you can’t go wrong with the salt and pepper!

When choosing the black n’ white colour scheme for your bathroom interiors, here are some tips that might come in handy –

Let it be ‘flowy’

Even if you have a simple checkerboard floor pattern, you can still create a sense of flow and dynamism in the space. You can do this by placing the floor on a 45 degree angle. Also use linoleum, ceramic, or stone tiles to enhance the look and make it more appealing.

It’s all about balance

If you want to avoid making the room look smaller, then use colour contrast in a smart way. The key is to achieve visual balance – if you are making the floor of the bathroom darker, then you need to keep the walls lighter, and vice versa. Doesn’t mean it has to be boring; even if the walls are just white or just black, you still get to choose the style of tiling you want to put up.

Throw in quirky details

Keep some DIY ideas up your sleeve and add some fun and quirky details in there. You can install a vintage mirror set, throw in a colourful and patterned shower curtain, or have a solid coloured dresser or sink in the middle of your black and white bathroom. Splashing some colour will definitely complement the classic colour scheme more than you think.

Heighten the drama

The black and white colour scheme naturally creates a dramatic theme in interior designs, and you can always use that to your advantage. You can take it up a notch and add elegance and sophistication by adding a black seat cover on the loo, installing a freestanding tub and taking care of the tile pattern, and so much more.

Simple accenting

Some simple accenting will add a nice finishing touch to the black and white bathroom design. Basic matte black photo frames, black bathroom accessories, black soap holders, and the like will really look stunning and put the bathroom together. Same goes with white; alternatively you can use solid white accessories and make it look minimalistic and classy.

With a ‘black and white, yin-yang’ colour palette, you get to be as imaginative as you want; so throw in some creativity and take some design risks. Even if you mess up a bit, the black and white theme will always cover for you, so don’t worry! You can use different patterns, add pops of solid colours such as blue, violet, yellow, or red, or simply go with black and white and create visual contrast and balance – go ahead and take any risk you want. You’ll still be happy you made this choice!

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