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Bring Down the Cool: Fun Activities for Farmington Kids and Family

Parents, here’s some good news! This year’s summer will be vastly different compared to last year.

If you’re living in Farmington, you’ll discover there’s a long list of activities to keep you and your tots happy, engaged, and, most of all, cool. Which of these will make it to your to-dos?

  1. Hear Them Play an Instrument

Taylor Swift is probably one of the biggest artists of all time, but do you know that she didn’t know how to play the guitar when she’s young? When she was 12 years old, a family friend named Ronnie Cremer taught her the first chords—and, as they say, the rest is history.

Your kids may be the next Taylor Swift or even somebody greater, but they’ve got to start somewhere. This summer may be it. There are guitar lessons you can sign them up for.

They don’t plan to be a huge star someday? That’s still okay too. When a child learns to play, they may be able to boost their confidence. Many studies also show that learning how to play music, whether strumming the guitar or writing lyrics, can help train their cognitive brains.

  1. Get Them Active in Sports

Last year, most Farmington kids spent their days cooped up at home. This 2021 is now the perfect time to turn it all around.

The city is now opening the registration for various sports clinics this summer for kids between kindergarten ages and sixth graders. For about ten weeks, they can play various sports from volleyball, soccer, basketball—you name it!

Although the games are in Farmington, sign-ups are open for everyone, including for non-residents. This camp, therefore, is an amazing period for your children to be more active, learn sports skills, and meet new and old friends!

  1. Join the Festival Days

Come July, Farmington becomes even more alive because it’s the Festival Days! And the city council has sure packed plenty of activities for the four-day affair that will begin on July 6.

Kids and teens can register for sports tournaments, while parents can check out a vast collection of luxury and vintage vehicles in the car show. There’s a carnival complete with rides, plenty of outdoor concerts, and possibly a long queue of food trucks to make those tummies happy.

Does your family have a hidden talent (or perhaps you want to introduce yourself to the community)? You’re also welcome to sign up for the talent show. Or you can play some more by participating in the 5K and 10K races.

For four days, you can start your day eating breakfast with the neighbors or support local entrepreneurs displaying their goods in the farmers’ market. The Festival Days is surely an awesome opportunity to say hi to the locals you’ve probably missed for over a year.

  1. Teach Them Some Life Skills

Summer can also be a time to develop life skills the kids can bring with them once they’re ready to leave home, and Farmington has a perfect activity for the teens.

Fifteen-year-olds who can pass their fitness test, including swimming for at least 300 yards and tread water for 2 minutes using their legs, can attend the Red Cross Lifeguard Class that runs from June 1 to 5. The course may eventually land them a summer job in one of the parks or pools or train them how to save theirs and other people’s lives (not to mention keep them fit too!).

  1. See What Other Places Have to Offer

Would you like a road trip? The season can also be a great time to see what other cities and towns in Davis County have to offer.

For example, Layton has prepared an extensive line-up for its Free Friday Film Festival. From Annie to Remember the Titans, these are family-friendly movies you can enjoy outdoors in the Kenley Amphitheater.

The Bountiful Davis Center, meanwhile, is organizing a Fairy Garden Workshop for kids between 5 and 12 on June 5. Here, they will learn to imagine and be creative as they design their own terrariums and pocket gardens.

Less than 15 minutes away by car from Farmington is the city of North Lake, and this year will be their 75th anniversary! If you and the children want to celebrate with them, you can sign up for the 5K fun run as part of the Liberty Festival.

On July 2, Eaglewood will host a car show, while the following day, they will cap the anniversary with amazing fireworks and more festivities.

From the looks of it, summer is jam-packed with activities for you and the kids. Plan the days well, so you won’t have to miss the fun.

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