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Common problems related to FASTag: How to fix them?

Long queues at toll booths are one of the major challenges you may face while driving on the Indian highways. However, to ease payment and save time at toll booths, the government started a cashless system of paying toll charges through the FASTag route.

What’s FASTag? And how do I apply for FASTag?

FASTag is an advanced system managed by the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) and NHAI (National Highways Authority of India) that uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. This technology allows you to pay tolls without stopping at a toll booth.

There are primarily 2 ways to apply for FASTag – offline and online. If you want to go for the offline route, you must approach any POS (Point of Sale) terminal situated at the toll booth to apply for the tag. For online application, you can approach any bank or digital payment app offering this service.

When you receive the tag, you must stick it to the windscreen of your vehicle. The scanner at the booth reads the tag and automatically deducts the toll charges from your FASTag wallet. After the amount is subtracted, you may receive a notification on your registered number.

However, as the system is comparatively new, it is prone to a few setbacks and errors you must be aware of. Thus, before you hit the FASTag online application button, beware of the challenges you may face when using it. Read on to learn about some of the common challenges:

  • Low balance on FASTag account

If your FASTag wallet has low balance, your vehicle may be stopped at the toll booth. In such a scenario, you must instantly recharge your FASTag wallet online. To recharge, you must log into the issuing bank’s portal with your credentials using your mobile. On the portal, you can recharge your FASTag using different methods – UPI, credit card or debit card, BillPay, Net Banking (RTGS, IMPS, or NEFT), etc.

In case you did not use your FASTag for 12 months, you must reactivate it by transacting or recharging the tag through the online platform. To reactivate the tag, you may also consider sending an email to the concerned bank or visit the bank’s site to find and tap on the reactivation tab on your wallet.

If your vehicle number is not updated, the tag may also show low balance status. In this scenario, you must log into the concerned bank’s portal and update the details.

Lastly, if your FASTag is showing active status but unable to transact at a specific toll booth, you must contact IHMCL’s (Indian Highway Management Company Limited) toll-free number 1033 for help.

  • Incorrect or wrong deduction of toll charge

Owing to technical glitches, incorrect toll charges may be deducted from your FASTag wallet. However, you can report to your bank about the incorrect deduction through its online portal. Alternatively, you may also consider writing an email to the concerned bank covering all details about the dispute along with your vehicle RC (registration certificate) copy, vehicle image and other supporting documents, if any.

The disputed amount may be refunded as per policy of the issuer bank. Note that to get the refund, you must raise the query within 35 days from the transaction date. The timeline for refund request settlement will be as per policy of the issuer bank

  • Blacklisted FASTag

If you constantly fail to maintain sufficient balance in your FASTag wallet, it may be blacklisted. Your FASTag may also be blacklisted for rule violations or complaints registered against your vehicle.

If your FASTag is blacklisted, you may not be allowed to pay toll charges through FASTag at the toll booth. To activate your FASTag, you must recharge your tag at the earliest. In case your problem is not resolved, you must contact the concerned bank’s customer care support.

  • Loss of FASTag

This is one of the most common challenges you may witness. Loss of FASTag may be distressful for you. On facing this situation, you must instantly notify the issuing bank about the loss or theft through call or e-mail.

The issuing authority, after receiving your request, will block your account and replace your tag. Your new tag will have the same wallet balance as the lost one.

Ending note

The concerned banks and the Indian Government have observed most of the FASTag challenges and have come up with solutions to help you make the most out of this technologically superior toll collection model. So, do not hesitate to purchase FASTag from a bank of your choice to enjoy a hassle-free toll & parking payment experience PAN India.

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