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Common Questions About Home Warranty Plans

There are several reasons to purchase a home warranty. It can offer reassurance to buyers, remove the need to hire a contractor and cover a variety of system malfunctions. However, there are typical questions that most homeowners would like to be clarified with.

Does it provide reassurance?

Home buyers ask one of the most common questions: “Do home warranties provide reassurance?” This question is often asked during home sales. The answer is a qualified yes, but not necessarily. Home warranties aren’t perfect, so make sure you understand their terms and ask questions. Further, they can be a great way to ensure that you won’t be stuck paying for major repairs that aren’t covered under a warranty. Some of the top home warranty companies in Nevada mentioned that these warranties cover major components of your home, such as appliances. Homeowners often purchase a warranty for these appliances, but it is important to note that you may not be able to get the same quality with an independent contractor.

Does it eliminate the need to find a contractor?

The answer depends on your needs. A home warranty provides access to reputable service technicians when you experience a major problem. Research the home warranty provider’s contractors to avoid finding yourself in a sticky situation. Read Better Business Bureau reviews and check references before hiring a contractor. It’s always best to check references before hiring a contractor.

A home warranty provider relies on a select network of contractors specializing in specific areas. This means that the technician you choose might not be available the day you need a repair. In addition, you may have to wait weeks for your claim to process. Set up an online account with the provider to speed up the process.

Does it cost more than repairs or replacements?

A home warranty policy generally charges a monthly premium of about $36 to $68. Depending on the coverage, the cost could reach $1,425 or more per year. You can also add-ons for an additional $2 to $35 per month. Other add-ons may cover your swimming pool, spa, electronics, or septic systems. The deductible will depend on the type of policy and the number of calls you need to file.

When purchasing a home warranty, make sure you know your home’s systems and appliances. Many plans cover appliances and systems. You can opt for an upgrade that covers these items separately. You may also want to look into the Better Business Bureau rating of the company offering the plan. Make sure you compare different plans before deciding which one to purchase.

Does it charge a service call fee?

You may wonder whether you must pay a service call fee if your home warranty covers unexpected repair costs. While most home warranty plans charge this fee, some are non-deductible plans. These plans are relatively rare and are not the norm for most consumers. However, it is essential to note that most home warranties require some deductible. The industry average for home warranty plans is $75 per year. A service call fee is a one-time payment usually included in a home warranty policy. This fee covers the cost of sending a technician to your home for repair. For example, if your air conditioner breaks down and costs $500 to repair, the home warranty would cover $400 of the cost. However, if the problem occurs only once, you could pay a higher service call fee.

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