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Cost-cutting Hacks: Lower Monthly Bills Despite the Hot Season

The song “Seasons Come and Seasons Go” by Faron Young is one of those songs that rightfully embodies the reality of the planet. It’s a perfect depiction of no season staying forever and that people don’t stay with us forever as well. Truth be told, everyone has that season they look forward to. Some look forward to the cold winter, while for some, it’s the hot summer.

You may not realize it, but summer is that season loved by over a quarter of Americans. Well, that shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering you get to go to the beach to get sunkissed during summer.

But these days, summer seems to be more dreadful than excitable. There are speculations that the heat from the sun is too hot. Worse, you have news confirming such. The recent deaths of Americans because of heatwaves are telling. This shows that we can’t take summer for granted. We must prepare for it. And that means protecting yourself from the seething sun.

The problem is keeping your house cool can mean your monthly bills adding up. And that can indeed be bad news. Well, don’t fret. In this article, we’ll show you how you can still cool yourself without sending your power bill numbers to the stratosphere.

Opt for a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is one way to help disperse cold wind in your house. Pundits point out a fan doesn’t do the job of cooling the room but rather does the job of making you more comfortable in it. Well, for this summer, you might want to opt for a circulating fan or ceiling fan to reduce the heat in your house.

The circulating fan or ceiling fan works a lot better when you have your AC turned on. The fan helps to dissipate the cool air in the house even when the AC is on the low or medium cool level.

Of course, it’s important you turn off the fan when not in use. If you keep the fan turned on at all times, you’re chomping on electricity more. Inevitably your power bill goes up.

Use Your AC Economically

During summer, it’s essential to have a programmable thermostat for your AC. This will help regulate your AC from time to time. When you’re home, you can have the AC turned on to the highest level, and when you’re asleep, you can let the thermostat do its job.

The thing with summer is the constant fluctuation in temperature, both indoor and outdoor. This means that without a thermostat, the AC would keep running high when it should be running on the low level.

Change in temperature causes a regulation in AC temperature. And that way, you get to save about 10% off your cooling bill when you use a thermostat. If its regulation is accurate and timely, you can save as much as 18% off. That’s undoubtedly savings for you.

Care for Your Cooling Systems 

You will be doing more harm than good if you choose to pay less attention to your cooling systems. Indeed, you must care for your cooling systems from time to time.

This means regular checkups and maintenance should be carried out. For one, the AC filters should be replaced when necessary.

Thus, getting professionals to tune up your AC regularly is wise. With this, the AC functions a lot better and consumes far less energy. Dirty AC filters have been known to consume a lot more electricity to create a cool temperature. If the filters are replaced monthly, you will lower energy consumption by about 5 to 15%.

Reduce Heat Buildup When You Can 

Another good tip is avoiding heat buildup in your home during the day. Many activities can cause the buildup of heat in your house, such as grilling, cooking, dishwashing using a dishwasher, and many more. All these can cause the home to heat more, thus leading to increased energy use by the AC to combat the heat better.

So instead, opt for doing these things outside or opting for other alternatives. Try microwaving your food instead, washing dishes yourself instead of the dishwasher, and letting these kitchen utensils dry naturally.

Close Blinds, Shades, and Curtains 

Don’t make the mistake of keeping your blinds, shades, and curtains open during summer while trying to keep the house cool. Keeping them closed will help reduce the consumption of energy by the AC. Another good thing is it helps dissipate the cool temperature within the room a lot better. So less energy is consumed, and you feel more comfortable in your home.

With these ideas, you’ll indeed reduce your cooling cost this summer. That’s assuming you don’t sleep on these secrets and jump on them this summer.

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