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Creating a Viral Instagram Post

Instagram is a huge platform with a whopping 500 million users every month. Can you imagine 95 million times in day videos and photos are shared?  So, all this makes Instagram an amazingly powerful marketing platform that you could use to build brand loyalty and growth.

The steady growth rate of Instagram offers companies an opportunity to build their audience. Several companies buy Instagram followers in order to build their customer base. In fact, if used in the correct way, this platform can offer you unexpected visibility.  Do not plunge with a mindset that whatever you post will be an instant hit.

This is quite a science. Given below are some amazing techniques that will help you increase your visibility and the number of likes that you get:

  1. Do Not Leave Anything Blank– Make sure that you fill in all the profile information. This will make you appear completely legitimate. Even fill the much dreaded” About Me” section in your profile. Also, put a link in your bio that takes to your website. You can even link your Insta account to your Facebook account. Linking your business Facebook page to Instagram is a wise move as this will offer you wider exposure. Also, make sure that the images at both places follow a similar kind of theme.
  2. Follow a Theme– Whenever you are posing videos or images, keep in mind your demographic audience. The benefit of this is that anyone who visits your page instantly gets a clear idea of your brand. Put high-resolution pictures as this will enable you to look more professional. Also, as most of the people access Instagram from their phones, putting low-quality picture will do a lot of harm to your profile. Avoid the color red in the photos as it is psychologically proved that red color is seen as a deterrent.
  3. Make Use of Tags- There are several accounts that try to garner the interest of a community with its content. The advantage of a tag is that it will create a unique identity for you. With the right tag, you will be able to touch the right chord. Photos that come with more tags usually get more likes. Location tagging is also a wonderful idea as it will help show up images when people search for that specific area.
  4. Use Emojis- Emojis can actually help you go viral. They are the best way how you can convey your emotions and feelings. Heart emojis lead to maximum engagement. You have to slowly find out your way so that the audience likes what you post and connects with you. This will help you get likes on Instagram.
  5. Ads- These appear like any other regular post on Instagram. They help to target the audience in better pay. Just pay heed to screen size when you are creating ads. There are basically two kinds of ads that you can go in for – videos and stories.

So, these are some of the ways how you can make your posts touch the maximum number of people. Instagram is an ideal platform to grow your brand. You should know how to use it to your maximum advantage.

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