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Cutting the Roots of Self-entitlement in Your Children

Parenting is full of challenges. It is hard work to raise children and create a balance between love and discipline. One unintentional mistake of parents is to fall into the entitlement trap. Sometimes, in the desire of parents to give the best, they end up making their children feel entitled.

There are some telltale signs of an entitled child. On top of the list is the insatiable desire to have more and the feeling that they deserve it anyway. These kids also find it hard to accept losing. They also find it easy to shift the blame to others. These indicators are alarming in themselves. It is even more so when you see some of them manifesting in your children. How then, can a parent stop this entitlement culture? Here are some ways.

Give Only in Moderation

Children will feel entitled when their parents buy them material things without control. These kids will think that the world owes them everything. To prevent this from happening, do not give in every time they ask for something. Say no at appropriate times or give them an alternative.

For example, they may demand the latest model of a cell phone. Explain to them that they only need certain features at their age. This is especially true for younger children. As an alternative, you can give them an old phone of yours. Make sure, though, that you have brought it to a trusted mobile phone repair shop beforehand. You would not want to give your child a gadget with technical issues.

Teach Them How to Earn

In a world full of consumerism, children might develop a sense of greed for toys, gadgets, or food. Even at their early age, you must teach them that nothing comes easy. Teach them how to earn what they want.

Some parents monetize household chores. It may seem like an excellent idea, but it could backfire. Children, then, would only do chores when they get some pay. This should not be the case because doing chores is part of their responsibilities. A better way to do it is to teach them to do age-appropriate odd jobs for your family friends or neighbors. They could mow the lawn, walk the dog, or wash the car. You could also teach them a small business like selling cookies or some lemonade. When they see the value of each dollar, they would be more selective of what they want to buy.

Allow Them to Lose and Fail

Entitled kids cannot grasp the concept of losing. When they lose in a game, they do not congratulate the winners. If this attitude goes unchecked, they might grow up feeling envious of the success of others.

A sense of entitlement also makes it hard for some children to accept failure. When they fail, they do not push through to get a better result. The world does not operate in one-shot successes. If a child finds it hard to embrace failure, they would find it hard to navigate through the world. Help them by allowing them to fail and encouraging them to try again.

Avoid Overprotecting

Helicopter parents are the type that hovers over everything that their child does. They do not want their child to experience difficulties. As such, they tend to provide everything. They over support their children with assignments, decision-making, and other tasks. They also intervene when a child gets into an argument or trouble.

There are many negative effects of such a parenting style. One of them is for the child to develop a feeling of entitlement. They feel that their parents, and everyone else, should be at their beck and call. They also do not own up to their wrongdoings. To prevent these things, allow them to work their way through their difficulties. Emphasize, too, that they are responsible for their actions.

Be Consistent with Rules

An entitled child may feel that they can get away with everything. This perspective might have its roots with parents that have inconsistent rules. When a parent is not firm with their standards, the child feels that they can bend or break some laws. Then, they would have no consequences for it.

To break this thinking, a parent should lay down the rules from the beginning and be consistent with them. These rules may include screen time, chores, going out with friends, among many others. When kids follow strict standards, they learn that they have to yield to authority.

Set a Good Example

Children are great imitators. The best way for them not to grow entitled is for them to see parents who are not entitled themselves. One of the easiest ways to model this is for them to see that you do not twist things in your favor. You respect the process of doing things the right way.

Emphasize the values of gratefulness and empathy in your lives. When you do, your children would see that the world does not and should not revolve around them.

Raising children presents many difficulties. But, it is the parents’ responsibility to leave the world with a better generation. These are people who know their worth but shuns away from self-entitlement.

Meta title: Curbing the Sense of Self-entitlement in Your Kids
meta desc: It is every parent’s desire to raise their children well. One hindrance to doing this is when children develop a sense of self-entitlement. Here are some techniques to catch and cut it at its roots.

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