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Deal With Endometriosis With These Treatments

Pelvic pain is an issue that can drain and make you unable to accomplish many things in your day. The problem can also make you unable to give birth. However, you can avoid that when you seek an endometriosis specialist in Midtown West. With Dr. Ulas Bozdogan at the center of the treatment, you take back the quality of your life and enjoy it to the fullest. Further, various treatment approaches exist to help you cope.

How does endometriosis affect a person?

Endometriosis is a reproductive issue, and in most cases, it often leaves a dreaded feeling when menstruation days approach. Mostly, its effects become more significant during your monthly period. Women with endometriosis often have an abnormal growth of tissue in their reproductive organs. Consequently, normal women have endometrium within their uterus that collapses during their monthly periods. However, with an abnormal growth outside the uterus, the tissue will collapse and fail to find a way outside the body. Your symptoms become more intense, with the level of abnormal tissue growth.

Additionally, the symptoms vary from one person to the other, with hormonal levels dictating the pain’s severance. Endometriosis is a seasonal disease that disappears after your childbearing age ends. However, putting up with the pain for that long can be draining; that is why you need a session at Advanced Endometriosis Center.

What symptoms will you have with endometriosis?

Endometriosis varies in people; few cases of endometriosis usually have no symptoms. However, some people highlight intense pain during their period. Even if you have no symptoms, the issue can affect you when trying to conceive. The most notable symptoms for endometriosis include:

  •         Pains in the pelvic
  •         Infertility
  •         Blood in the bowels
  •         Lower back pain after and before the monthly period
  •         Pain during sex
  •         Abnormal periods
  •         Extreme pain when moving bowel

Many women also report an elevation in the above symptoms when having their monthly periods.

Symptoms mostly point to the presence of endometriosis; however,  Advanced Endometriosis Center can determine the severity of your issue. For some women, their advanced endometriosis only highlights a few symptoms and little pain, while some women have many symptoms, including extreme pain with mild cases. Additionally, your doctor will rule out several issues before making a diagnosis for endometriosis. Among the issues often confused with endometriosis include ovarian cysts, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and inflammatory disease. IBS and other conditions mentioned can coincide with endometriosis making your issue more unbearable. More often, an early diagnosis of any disease increases the chances of treatment. Advanced Endometriosis Center has all the tools and medical equipment to determine and treat any phase of endometriosis.

Treatment options available for endometriosis

Unfortunately, the condition has no cure, but Dr. Bozdogan can provide you with therapies to help you cope. Your doctor will determine the level of your issue and offer options to make you better. You may benefit from hormone replacement therapy or go for fertility treatments such as IVF for a better chance. Additionally, your doctor can provide medicines to deal with your pain.

Manage your endometriosis with a session from the Advanced Endometriosis Center. Find out the best type of therapy when you call or book a treatment session online.

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