Different Ways to Use Truck Load Board

Truck load boards are used by trucking companies and haulers to help coordinate the distribution of goods across the nation.  There are different ways to use these boards that can make them even more useful.  In addition to scheduling loads, load boards can be used to learn about the competition and negotiate rates.


Many different truckload boards exist, with some targeting specialized hauling such as hopper bottom jobs. Trucking companies and truck drivers can enter their information into the load board and see what is available. Truck drivers can find loads to haul as well as advertise their availability to haul loads.  The boards update in real-time, so it can take some effort to keep on top of them.


The load boards can also be used to search for how many trucks are in the same trucking lane.  Knowing the number of loads in a certain area and the number of available trucks, a driver can estimate if the freight rates will be high or low. Requirements for special permits due to weight are also noted on the load boards.  These can help calculate the costs for hauling each load, which can determine if the freight weight pays enough to cover the hauler’s expenses.  It is also a good idea to be familiar with the drop-off location as there may be high fees associated with them, such as long detention times, lumpers, and tolls.


The spot rate average, or the amount a shipper is willing to pay to haul something from one point to another, is usually posted on trucking load boards along with the freight weight.  Comparing these two numbers can reveal rates that are unusually high and may be a broker’s scam.  The comparison can also guard drivers against agreeing to rates that too low.  After all, if the freight rate is less than the average spot rate, it is too low.

Supply and demand are at work in the trucking industry.  When there are more trucks than loads to haul, then the rates will likely be lower than when there are fewer trucks to haul the same number of loads.  The time for negotiating is when the demand for truck drivers is more than there are available.

Overall, truck load boards can be used as an essential tool in finding loads, understanding costs, learning about the competition, and negotiations. When used with these ideas in mind, truck load boards can be the backbone of good business decisions.

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