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Easy Home Automations That Could Enhance One’s Quality Of Life.

Many people are automating their homes with single board computers. The Raspberry Pi is an example of this. It features a low usage of power. It doesn’t leave much of a Carbon Footprint. For its size it has a lot of processing capacity. It is designed to be left on all the time. Many projects can be handled by this system. One can use it for security reasons. A texting doorbell can be installed.

There is a software package that can help operate one’s home. It is called the Home Assistant. Another is called Mister House. It uses Perl Scripts so items can be monitored. It features voice command functionality. It can be used for such things as turning lights of and on at particular times. If a show is on it can record it if one is not at home. If someone calls on the phone the device can announce the phone call. Mister House can be used with a Windows PC or Mac OS Device. It can run on different platforms.

There is another program named OpenHab. It can be run on a Raspberry Pi. It is designed to be easy to use. It carries a dedicated community and is open-sourced. The startup process is also designed to be simple. Calaos is another Raspberry Pi Home Automation Solution. It is another Smart Home Automation Operating System. One can use a touchscreen. This system is designed to be simple to use and it is intuitive as far as figuring out how to use it.

Mycroft-DIY Raspberry Pi smart assistant is a little different from the OpenHAB and Home Assistant. It works like Amazon’s Alexa. It is a speaker that one can talk to to give voice commands. It is a Raspberry Pi Smart Voice Assistant. It is an alternative to Alexa. All of these can be operated with single board computers.

Another Smart Home Automation System is known as Domiticz. Remote controls can be attached to this system. Integrating systems include MQTT and Home Kit. It can also run on a Raspberry Pi. It is lightweight and can be run on a SBC. Wiki page can also be used with Domoticz.

Jeedom is a DIY Smart Home Automation System. It is compatible with Linux Operating Systems and can be used in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi. There are mobile applications that can be used with Android or ios. There is also a prefab version that is ready to use as it is.

Linux MCE is another Raspberry Pi Home Automation System.

 This one comes with gaming and home theater options. The Linux Media Center Edition can be used as a bridging device for Smart Home Technology and one’s media needs. This system offers media, gaming, smart home security, climate control ability, house lighting and many other features. This system has a lot of potential when used with a Raspberry Pi.

Another open source smart home system is named Open Net Home. It can also operate on a Raspberry Pi. It is designed to be easy to install and use and is intuitive in its nature. One can monitor and control many aspects of their home with this device. Thermometers, fire alarms, light dimmers and sensors that can detect moisture build up are all on this system. Apache and Java are used in these systems and one can also find it on Linux Pcs, Windows and Mac OS Computers. There are many reasons to use singe board computers for one’s home. With the right system to go along with it one can enhance the quality of their life in many ways.

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