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Egg Donor IVF Treatment in Newport Beach

For whatever reasons you might not be able to get healthy pregnancies, here is your way out. You can use donated eggs as an alternative to increasing your chances of successful and healthier pregnancies. Newport Beach donor egg specialists at OC Fertility can help you evaluate your options and meet your family goals. This is because there are several things you must consider and understand as you seek treatment. More information about egg donor IVF treatment is given herein.

The Meaning of Egg Donor Treatment

This is one of the fertility treatments for those who, for various reasons, cannot use their eggs. It mainly involves a screened egg donor donating the eggs, which makes the treatment more effective than an average IVF success rate when no donor is involved. Depending on the eggs donated, the mother or the father will not be genetically related to the child, but one party will be.

When is it Needed?

Several situations can lead to the need for an egg donor IVF treatment. They include:

  •       Age-related infertility, especially to women over 40
  •       A gay male couple desiring to have a child
  •       A single male with a gestational carrier
  •       The female partner has a genetic disease risk
  •       Low ovarian reserves
  •       Post cancer treatments
  •       Primary ovarian insufficiency
  •       Women without ovaries due to congenital anomaly

Finding an Egg Donor

Not everyone can donate eggs to you. not even your close relatives. Therefore, it is critical to consult a fertility doctor and a donor egg specialist who can help you find a viable donor. However, the common sources will include:

  •       Fertility clinic
  •       Egg bank
  •       A different infertile couple prepared to share their retrieved eggs
  •       A friend or a family member
  •       Egg donor agency

Depending on the source you get, you might get the chance to meet with your donor, or you may never know who donated the eggs as most egg donations are anonymous. Please ensure you discuss in detail with someone with extensive expertise, so as to make the best-informed decision.

How it Works

Egg donors usually are young and undergo the ovarian stimulation process for IVF to have their eggs removed. This involves the injection of ovulation stimulation medications to help them produce multiple usable eggs over one menstrual cycle. A donor egg specialist then performs a minimally invasive procedure to harvest the eggs. A preimplantation genetic testing diagnosis (PGTD) is necessary before IVF to test for certain genetic conditions.

The provider prepares the uterus of the intended parents or the gestational carrier for implantation once the embryos are created. You continue taking hormonal medications for the first trimester under monitoring from your provider.


During your egg donor IVF treatment consultation, please ensure to discuss the possible risks with your provider. The prescriptions used to stimulate egg production may come with risks and side effects. Your provider will let you know them. There may also be some psychological issues with the donor where they might regret donating the eggs later. However, your provider will take you through everything.

However, there are many benefits of using donor eggs, and it is a great option when you do not have biological possibilities but you desire to build a family.

If you cannot become pregnant for one reason or another, let nothing stop you from meeting your family goals. Contact your provider at OC Fertility today to evaluate your egg donor IVF treatment option. Remember to talk to your provider about your odds for success.

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