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Employee Productivity and Comfort: 4 Reasons to Make a Survey About the Workplace

Everything seems to be going back to normal, slowly but surely. Soon, people will resume working at the office at full capacity. In this transition from working from home to a face-to-face setup, you want your employees to remain comfortable yet effective in their jobs.

How’s the setup of your office space though? Maybe there are ways to improve it even more. These aren’t limited to the transition itself, but it also includes strategies to increase the productivity and comfort of employees, too. Maybe it’s time to turn a new leaf.

A great way to assess what your employees need is through surveying. Get feedback from them about how you can improve the space.

Here are 4 good reasons why you should listen to what your people have to say.

Investigate Your Workspace’s Functionality 

It’s only by asking that you get to know what’s up. Who better to ask than the ones on the ground?

Employees need more than a chic and modern-looking office (not that practical spaces can’t be both these things). A workspace should be efficient and functional. A broken office chair and an ancient scanner don’t really help with that. To maximize the workspace, it has to aid employees to function at their best capacity as much as possible. Checking in with the people who use the space 40 hours a week helps you find the problems you need to work on.

Make Your Employees Feel Heard

The company can only work as well as its employees are able to.

You have to look after their well-being because, at the end of the day, they’re people, too. You want them to be comfortable and able to perform well. This is an opportunity to get to know your people more and become aware of what they need. This can help them feel heard and valued. Learn more about employee engagement at Qualtrics.

A common issue in a lot of workplaces is ergonomics (specifically, the lack thereof). Although it helps to have a chic office space, ergonomic and up-to-date office furniture is worth looking into to improve your people’s health. Uncomfortable desks or office chairs may cause back pain or neck pain among employees.

Some environmental factors that affect task performance are air quality, illumination, natural light, noise management, privacy, workstation layout, access to shared spaces, neatness, and safety and security. Be sure to add these items to your survey to have straightforward answers.

Make A Better Space

According to a study, an ideal environment should contribute to the functionality and psychosocial needs of employees. The functionality of office space should enable one to do tasks well. Specifically, you need to determine whether it provides the space, resources, and comfortable conditions to complete tasks. As for psychological needs, check whether it encourages social behavior, rest and relaxation, and privacy.

The end goal is not just to increase productivity but to make the space comfortable for employees. The solution should always be holistic. By diagnosing workplace functionality and asking about the employees’ experiences, you can concoct a comprehensive plan and put it into action.

Promote Collaboration

A working space is instrumental in fostering and promoting a culture of collaboration. With this form of support, employees are aided to elevate their work.

Everyone’s about collaborative efforts and innovative solutions more than ever these days. Plant the same norm into your company by holding space for collaborative work. It’s not just a room big enough for 10 people. It’s a safe zone to share ideas and brainstorm. More engagement is accomplished through walled-off workspaces than open social settings.

Survey what type of environment employees feel more comfortable tossing their ideas around to instill a culture of sharing better.

Changes after the Pandemic

The pandemic has really challenged our productivity. But as things slowly go back to normal, we hope that things mend in time.

Many organizations have started to open their doors to welcome back their employees. Though your company benefits from having employees back at the office, it’s another big transition that your people will have to go through. It’s a setup that needs some getting used to all over again.

This is the optimal time to take advantage of things, turn a new leaf, and do better. Maybe it’s even a little overdue, but it’s always preferable to start now. Ask them what they need in a space to work better. Let them know you care about their well-being as much as their ability to work in a space that’s meant for them. Take this time to change things up in your workspace as the world moves forward into a normal we are familiar with.

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