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Essential Factors to Consider When Renewing Your Bike Insurance

Bikes are one of the most efficient transports available, especially for Indian roads. But to be able to drive your bike on the road, you need to have two-wheeler insurance as mandated by the government. You generally receive this insurance with 1-year validity when you buy a new bike. Post that once, you need to keep renewing it every 6 months.

You can do it as a compulsion, or see it in a different light- two-wheeler insurance is very helpful in saving your financial interest in times of crisis, especially if you meet with an accident. Either way, it is imperative to keep renewing the insurance policy. Now don’t get all worked up for the renewal. This problem has been extremely simplified for the sake of consumers. You can do this whole process by yourself at home online!

To make this easier for you, here we have a list of key points that you can look out for while buying a new insurance policy and get the best value of your investment.Let’s dive right in!

Keep Your Options Open

You can opt for the same insurer that you have while renewing your insurance policy, or you can buy one from a different one that might suit your needs better.Hit the World Wide Web to look up all available options for bike insurance. Browse through different insurance companies and compare the prices and covers. You can also check out different plans provided by your current insurer.

Making the Right Choice

The government has mandated liability-only insurance for all vehicles. But for optimum security, it is best to choose for comprehensive two-wheeler insurance which should provide coverage for self-damage as well. Check for different policies, compare the coverage and IDV to make an informed decision.


These are not a necessity but definitely a better investment. During the renewal, you can get add-ons on your current insurance cover. It will incur some extra amount for the premium but is worth the investment because of greater security. Check the different add-on options provided by your insurer and opt for the ones you need.

Cashless Option

Not all insurance companies have this option, but it is highly recommended to opt for this. Insurance companies generally reimburse the repair cost, but just in case you are not willing to, or are unable to pay the exorbitant amount that stacks up during repair, this option will come in handy.

No-Claim Bonus

If you haven’t filed a claim for your insurance for a year or consecutive years, you probably have a no-claim bonus. This bonus decreases the premium base amount. This means, now you pay a lesser amount to avail the same benefits as others. In case you make a switch to a different insurer, you can still avail of the no-claim bonus for 90 days after the lapse of insurance cover.

Insurance renewal must be done before the expiry date of the current policy to prevent your bike from being in an unsecured period. Save a lot of your money by investing some in the right place at the right time and enjoy worry-free bike rides every day!

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