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Few Tips for starting an eCommerce website

The advanced society is anticipated to be more trending towards online shopping. Already the majority of people across the globe are showing their interest in shopping online rather entering the retail markets to shop. Starting from shirts to groceries from medicines to suitcases, people are buying everything online these days. It’s all because of the wonderful convenience that the online shopping offers. When you intend to start your own ecommerce website with a limited budget- then opt for a cheap website designer singapore initially. If you start receiving more customers gradually, you can revamp the website into an expensive one.

Pick a domain name

Choose the domain name wisely. This means the name of the website that you are planning to give. The team who will be doing your website design can often suggest you a brand name through discussion. Therefore, you can make it a team effort for the better business outcome. Choose a reputed domain seller that is also able to offer you a dedicated or shared web hosting.

PHP web Hosting

When buying hosing servers, its better you stick to PHP as it faces fewer interruptions. These days over 99% hosting are supported by PHP databases along with MySQL. You will need the hosting server to keep the website on the internet. You can purchase the domain along with a certain numbers of emails for 3-5 years at a time and along with that purchase the hosting for a year or so. If you are lucky, you can easily get a combo back that are often offered by top-notch domain sellers.

Website designing

Opt for a responsive website designing architecture for the mobile users. You can also think of building app-based site for the android and apple phone users.

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