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Five Signs You Need to Call a Plumber Immediately

Unfortunately sometimes you have to call a plumber. Sinks and toilets occasionally plug up causing small problems that you can fix at home. However sometimes when the small and easy fixes are not working then you need to call in the professionals. Plumbers are well educated and have the equipment necessary to fix major plumbing problems. Check out these reasons you may need to call the plumber.

Backing Up

If the water in your sink, shower or toilet is backing up and you cannot get it to drain then you need to call the plumber. If you notice water backing up and overflowing then shut the water off immediately and call a plumber in Garland TX. They can typically get there within 24 hours. Plumbers can usually find and fix the problem pretty quickly.

Classic Plumbing Problems

There are a few problems that are pretty common that houses may experience a few times throughout their lifetime. The most common one is that something gets flushed or put down the system that is too large. If the mainline gets plugged up then it will cause problems throughout the entire house. It is very common for the washer to drain small things such as socks. That then quickly plugs up and causes problems in the mainline. Luckily plumbers in Garland TX have water jets and other systems to help quickly fix that problem.

Drano Doesn’t Work

Oftentimes a small back up can easily be fixed with at home products. But if that is not working then that means that there are likely bigger problems in the main line. If drano and other at home remedies aren’t working call the plumber right away. Draino is extremely corrosive and can be problematic to sit in a line that isn’t draining. It can actually make the problem worse. So if drano isn’t working quickly then call in a plumber immediately.

Dramatic Water Bill

Water problems can occur on the other side of plumbing as well. You could have a problem with one of the water lines that brings water into your home. If you get a water bill and it is dramatically increased compared to normal then you should search for a leak somewhere.

Unusual Wet Spots

If you find an unusual wet spot on your floor or wall then that is a clear sign of a leak. Be sure to be aware of your home and the areas that can be especially problematic. Areas that you should annually check for leaks are behind your toilet and sinks where the hardware is typically covered but has many areas that could leak over time. Another place that could easily leak due to wear and tear over time is behind your refrigerator if you have an ice maker. The lines going into the refrigerator are well known for easily leaking or getting damaged from rubbing on the fridge.

Weak Toilet

If you notice that your toilet or sink is having trouble draining things that previously hadn’t been a problem then check further into it. Along with that if your toilet starts to sound different like possibly it is not getting enough water or not functioning well then you need to check further into it. The toilet typically is the first area that you will notice a problem. And a clear sign you need to call the plumber.


At some point in your experience of home ownership you are going to have to call a plumber. Plumbing problems are unfortunate and can get expensive quickly. However, if you call a high quality plumber they can get you back on the happy road of home ownership with a well functioning plumbing set up.

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