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Fun Ways To Excercise Your Lazy Dog

For some dog owners, a lazy pooch is a dream come true. However, it is important to keep in mind that this behaviour doesn’t have a positive impact on your furry friend’s health. It might seem like an upside that a lazy dog doesn’t call for much, but it’s crucial to know that spending time with these wonderful pets on various activities not only gives us joy but ideally strengthens our relationship. Not to forget that dogs who like napping all the time and avoid physical activity are exposed to the risk of gaining weight and become prone to all sorts of fractures and injuries.

How Did Your Dog’s Laziness Start?

There are many reasons for a dog’s energy loss. First, bear in mind that a puppy is characterized by an entirely different nature compared to an adult dog. A young dog has an almost unlimited energy reserve, which drains with time. As such, you don’t have to fret when your canine buddy is slightly less energetic compared to his or her puppy years.

Well, dogs can become dejected due to an array of experiences that have a huge impact on their psyche and well being. Relocation, the appearance of a new family member or any other substantial change in the household can have a major impact on your pooch’s attitude. Another major contributor to laziness is a reduction in involvement in your relationship. If you no longer actively spend time together, the dog will ultimately lose motivation and become unwilling to participate in activities like exercise, which is vital for their health.

So, how do you encourage the lazy pooch to be more active? Here are some fun exercises that might come in handy:


One of the best ways to introduce a new activity to a pooch is running with obstacles. You don’t need specialized equipment to enjoy this little fun activity. The role of cones and obstacles can be played with toys that you have at hand. Fetch is another excellent activity that dogs get into pretty quickly. It’s also an excellent way to get in some intense workout and wear out the feisty furball. Do this on a regular basis and your canine friend will get their adequate dose of exercise.

Run The Stairs

If you have stairs in your house and your pooch is physically capable, then why not enjoy by encouraging him to run up and down the stairs for a while? To get started, stand at the top of the stairs and throw a ball or a squishy toy down and encourage the pooch to bring it back to you. If you are feeling energetic, you can even run up and down with him.

Hide Treats

Playing hide and seek is perhaps the most enjoyable way to get your lazy pooch exercising. Ask your furry buddy to sit and stay, hide a treat in a place that’s challenging but not too tough to find. Let them run around and find their hidden prize.

Tug of War

If your pooch is physically capable, this is another awesome idea to motivate and exercise your dog. A rope toy is ideal for this as they are durable and decent for your canine friend’s teeth. Just ensure they are enjoying and does not get too aggressive.


So there you have it, fun ways to exercise your lazy dog. Also, consider getting the best wet dog from and offer as a reward in some of the challenging activities. This will give the pooch even more motivation.

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