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Here Is Everything You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

Lately, so many people are shifting away from waxing and shaving to the more advanced laser hair removal. This is because the new method works more efficiently and guarantees you fewer follow-up sessions with your dermatologist. Every method has its pros and cons. However, laser hair removal stands out among the rest because it has a more permanent approach with one of the least side effects. Book an appointment with A Beautiful You Medical Spa for laser hair removal in Memphis. Below are all facts you should know about the procedure.

The procedure is not painful

There is a common myth which people believe that the use of lasers in hair removal is painful. Well, this is not the case with the procedure. It uses light that converts to heat to damage the hair bulb and follicle. To achieve these, it detects the pigment in your hair. People found the use of a laser to be painful back then. Today, they have a cooling technology that soothes you to give you the most comfortable experience.

You will not get results in a single session

After the first appointment, you will begin to see that the hair is now less noticeable and finer, but the results will not all be there. Some patients even take up to eight sessions to enjoy the full benefit. However, patience is worthwhile with this procedure because it focuses on follicles in all stages until everything gets all done.

You can shave prior to your appointment

The doctor may advise you not to shave when going for other hair removal options such as waxing. With the laser approach method, it is recommended that you shave about a day before going in for your appointment. Additionally, you should avoid using makeup or tanning products on the specific area before the procedure. They might trigger adverse reactions.

Laser hair removal is fast

This is a benefit of choosing to use technology in hair removal. An average full-face procedure can take up to 20 minutes to complete. Therefore, you can book an appointment on your way home and still be assured of getting there within time. You do not have to worry about spending hours at the dermatologist’s office.

You have to avoid sunbathing for a while

The dermatologist will advise you to keep away from sunlight sometime before the session and after it’s done. You should also keep out of the gym at least a day after treatment to avoid creating a suitable environment for bacteria multiplication. 

Quit using chemical products

If you are a fan of cream on your skin, you should avoid using it for about seven days before the procedure and sometimes after treatment. The doctor will advise you whether to resume or quit the medication permanently.

There are a lot of myths nowadays about laser hair removal. However, studies show that it is safe and efficient for almost any skin type. The team at A Beautiful You Medical Spa has years of experience to assure you perfect treatment within a short period. Book an appointment today for a permanent solution.

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