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How Technology Helps Us Reduce Stress

It would sound ironic to know that technology can be a tool to relieve stress. But did you know that our technology, though criticized as a major contributor to stress, is also the best creation that man has ever fulfilled, to help us reduce stress? From simple radios to state-of-the-art television, phones to computers, and other technologies that are used in everyday lives, these things help to make lives better.

Technology may not be something that could be power-generated. It could also be something that was produced without being dependent on energy. Technology, in a basic sense, is anything that was built combining the knowledge of science. Everything you see from a simple mop to a grass cutter is considered technology. No matter how it was built or what it is, here’s the question: How does technology help people relieve stress?


Since 1895, when Guglielmo Marconi successfully transmitted the first radio signal, everybody was already entertained. Then as the world took its steps in the 20th century, technology became a part of the entertainment. Simply watching a television show may not be as much, but it helps your mind to divert your attention to what you are watching and forget about stress. Even listening to the radio could give you music and sometimes make you sleep. You just have to be careful of what you are watching or listening to because it might turn out to be more stress-inviting rather than relaxing.


If you could find time to go online shopping, there are a lot of machines or tools that you could buy to help you reduce stress. From stress balls to innovative massage chairs, everything is offered at practical and affordable prices. These things help you relax and release stress effectively. There is a stress-relieving gadget called “Fidget Cube” that allows the user to flip, click, tap or roll, depending on the side you want to turn your attention to. There are other similar gadgets you can find that would help you reduce stress.

Mobile phones could help the user learn by watching videos about avoiding stress. Sometimes, it is just available inside your home. A simple clicking pen would do the job to reduce your stress or if you have a musical instrument, try showing some talent, and you will realize it is all worth it.


Exercise is one of the most common activities that you could do to reduce stress. It gives the advantage of getting a healthy lifestyle and releasing stress in a good way. Technology helps you achieve some of the most difficult tasks when doing an exercise. By simply going to the gym, you could find different types of equipment that you could work on to achieve your desired appearance. You could use anything from treadmills to bench presses, everything is available.

However, there are some simple technologies that you could buy to help you monitor your weight or heart rate. It provides you information that would help you when you are on a diet. Being aware that you are in good shape and you have a feeling of security that you are healthy, avoids the opportunity of being stressed.


Imagine there is no electricity and you need to prepare food for your family. You would still need to chop off wood to set up a fire, in order to cook, and it is a lot of work. Stress does not really manifest over time, but if your body gets involved in a lot of work, eventually you get tired and will start to cause muscle strain or fatigue which are all caused by accumulated stress.

Technology helps daily lives by completing the tasks for you with efficient results and in a short span of time. It allows you to have a more convenient time to relax and do anything that would make you happy. Feeling secure that you have electricity at home and all the things you need are all working properly, gives you a sense of fulfillment and it eliminates stress.

Technology can play both a stress contributor or stress reliever. It would really depend on how to use technology on a daily basis. Everybody needs to be responsible and learn to manage time when using gadgets, computers, and other technologies. Remember that too much usage of technology is always dangerous and could be harmful. states that overuse of technology has a significant impact on people, especially children and teenagers.

Learn to use technology to your advantage, but with control. That way, you are not only taking care of the things you have, you are also taking care of yourself.

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