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How to Choose the Best Floor Squeegee Blades

A floor squeegee blade is an important part of your floor scrubber. That’s because the right blend of squeegee assembly, vacuum power, and blades is what lets you have an exceptional drying and cleaning experience and result. For that reason, it’s important to have an ultimate guide to squeegee blades for the scrubber that offers you useful and clear information.

Types of Floor Squeegee Blades

The four types of squeegee blade materials include the following:

  • Natural rubber
  • Linatex
  • Polyurethane
  • Tovo

1.    Natural rubber floor squeegee blades

These are created through the high-temperature production of natural materials mixed with resinous materials. Since they are soft, the blades are ideal for smooth, uniform surfaces and tile floors. That’s why they are used in shopping centers, hospitals, and public places like train stations and airports.

2.    Linatex

The rubber on these floor squeegee blades is extracted from a more refined processing of rubber that is mixed with chemical components designed to enhance its mechanical performance. However, the percentage of rubber available in the Linatex blades is higher than that available in natural rubber. They are categorized by their pink and red color and their great resistance to chemical and abrasion agents. This makes the material ideal for all applications that don’t involve oily dirt. That’s because oil can be absorbed in the natural rubber, damaging the shape of your blade.

3.    Polyurethane squeegee blade

Also known as urethane, these floor squeegee blades are made of synthetic rubber, and they are highly resistant to heavy dirt and chemicals. For this reason, they are ideal for cleaning industrial grease and oil. Unlike Linatex or natural blades, polyurethane blades don’t absorb oil and are ideal for use in the food sector. Besides, they can function well on any floor, even an uneven tile floor with grout lines.

4.    TOVO blades

This is an industrial rubber that is ideal for situations where there are detergents and oils on the surface. The TOVO blades have a higher resistance to the actions of greases, solvents, and hydrocarbons. Furthermore, they can withstand high temperatures.

Tips to Improve the Performance of Floor Squeegee Blades

You need to know how to use this floor scrubber component for the best cleaning performance. The floor squeegee assembly and the blades are the components that finish the cleaning work of the scrubber. Therefore, blades are decisive in the quality of the outcome, and for that reason, here are some tips:

●      Select the right blade

Take your time to evaluate the kind of dirt and type of floor surface before selecting the floor squeegee blade for your cleaning tool.

●      Check out the wear of the floor squeegee blade

Bear in mind that most scrubbing tools allow you to use the sides of the blades. So, rotate them before you replace them. Especially if multiple users use the tool, make sure you check it out before starting.

●      Purchase OEM blades

When it comes to replacing the blades, choose original parts that fit the model of the scrubber.

●      Clean the blades after every use

After you clean the floor scrubber, don’t forget the blades to do away with the residues that might make it not dry the surface well.

●      Adjust your floor squeegee

This floor scrubber hack lets you optimize the cleaning and drying results. Ensure even pressure is across the blade and adjust the squeegee assembly if necessary. If you don’t know how to adjust the floor squeegee, read through the user manual of the scrubber.

●      Check out the floor squeegee assembly

If the squeegee has suffered a strong impact like a dent, damage, or deformity, it might not dry well irrespective of the blades you choose. So, invest in a scrubbing tool equipped with automatic floor squeegee uncoupling.

If you are looking for the best floor squeegee that guarantees the best cleaning results in your food business, talk to experts at Ecolab. They will help you choose the best cleaning tool suited to your needs.

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