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How to Choose the Best SD-WAN Management Service

Reduced IT costs, flexibility, enhanced collaboration, continuity, and salability, to mention a few advantages, continue to propel cloud computing’s popularity. You have to rethink your network as you strive to get the most out of cloud computing. It would help if you had a faster and stable connection to keep the operations at their best.

Due to its many advantages, more organizations are turning to SD-WAN (Software-defined Wide Area Network). The top benefits include the cloud-based advantage, lower costs and complexities, and enhancing performance and security. The best part is that shifting to SD-WAN isn’t a hassle. This is if you turn to reliable and reputable SD-WAN management service.

SD-WAN management services, unlike DIYs, offer a lot. It helps you maintain the network at its best for optimal performance. Nonetheless, this is only possible if you enlist a capable service. With the many competitive services, selecting the best can be challenging. Here is how you can narrow the pool and enlist the best SD-WAN management solution.


Not all providers are equal. Just because they market their solutions as SD-WAN management services doesn’t make them ideal for your organization. There are many aspects to SD-WAN. As you select an ideal service, ensure that they boast an extensive team of experienced experts.

A team that understands your existing network and application requirements stands a better chance to offer a seamless experience. Browse through their portfolio. Establish who is on their team, their tech background, and the years they’ve been in the industry. With an experienced team, you’ll enjoy top-class services. This ensures that your operations run smoothly.


Security is a no-brainer. You don’t want a network that exposes your operations to the many cyber threats. With the evolving technology, you need reliable security to facilitate smooth cloud-based operations. Cybercriminals aren’t using the same old techniques; they are also advancing to keep up with the developments. As such, if your network security isn’t strong, you’ll be a prime target, a concern that can break your undertakings.

Supported applications

Will the SD-WAN management solution facilitate your day-to-day operations? Consider the applications you need the SD-WAN to support, and ensure that the service is capable of supporting all.

You’d be surprised to learn later that the management services specialize on specific lines. This might not include all the applications your organization needs, a concern that can derail your progress.


Choose a service that offers multiple connectivity options and flexibility to choose a network path that best suits your needs. Flexibility extends to deployment. Seamless deployment can’t be emphasized enough. Among the top advantages of partnering with SD-WAN management is that you offload the implementation load from your team.

Nonetheless, if the deployment process isn’t smooth, it can cause significant friction. As you consider the flexibility, also weigh in your migration needs. For instance, you might be interested in testing the SD-WAN before full implementation. Ensuring that the service offers a flexible deployment plan to support such migration is essential. Such a deployment plan makes it easier to keep the operations running as you evaluate SD-WAN’s effectiveness to meet your needs.


What are the charges? How does the SD-WAN management service help you cut operational costs? SD-WAN is a cost-effective solution, but if the provider charges a fortune, you’ll hardly realize such savings. The trick here is to consider the value the SD-WAN management provider delivers.

Picking the cheapest can come back to haunt you, primarily as they might not support all your applications, aren’t as secure, and are not cloud-optimized, among other drawbacks. The priciest isn’t automatically the best. As such, you need to weigh the value delivered against what you pay, ensuring that you realize the value of your investment.

Customer support

Customer support can’t be overlooked, especially considering the sensitivity of the function. You need service that’s available whenever you need help, day or night, to keep your operations running. Choose a service boasting knowledgeable, professional, and active customer service available 24/7. This makes the engagement productive as you won’t be frustrated by lengthy waits for your concerns to be addressed.


Does the service have the juice to handle your needs in a few years? You don’t want to keep jumping from one SD-WAN management service to the net as they can’t keep up with your growing needs. Before choosing a service, establish if they are well-equipped to handle your growing demands.

As you narrow your options, don’t overlook a service’s reputation. Consider what their previous and existing clients are saying. Their experiences can help you establish if the service works as expected or promises the moon only to deliver stones.

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