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How to choose the right Tattoo?

A tattoo is going to stay with you for a long time, and we know that deciding the right tattoo is not easy. Choosing the right tattoo is not like choosing a suitable color for the walls of your house. There is a long list of essential things that you need to consider before choosing the tattoo.

Here are some critical points that you need to consider about every type of tattoo:

  • Size of the tattoo as more prominent tattoos can be disaster sometimes
  • Color of tattoo is another important factor
  • Design of the tattoo
  • Style and meaning
  • Placement on your body

If you already have an idea on the tattoo that you want, that’s great. If you don’t know which tattoo will suit your personality, then here are some tips from a professional tattooist to help you in decision making.

1.     State your motivation for tattoo

First thing first, you need to know why you want to have a tattoo. Do you want to follow any celebrity? Make sure that you are not getting inked under the influence of any other person as you can regret your decision later on if you don’t have the motivation.

2.     Consider the impact on professional life

A tattoo is not something that you should lose a job for. If your workplace rules and regulations don’t allow you to get a tattoo on exposed body parts, never go for tattoos on the face, hand or neck.

3.     Choose tattoo design carefully

The design of the tattoo is one of the most critical factors that you need to focus on. The tattoos show your love and passion and towards something, so make sure that you get a meaningful tattoo.

If you are getting inked with some words, knowing the meaning of the phrase of the word is essential.

If you are still not getting any clear vision, you can ask for popular tattoo designs, and you can choose one from the portfolio too.

4.     Think about the placement of the tattoo

The right placement of the tattoo on your body is the most important factor. Do you plan on showing it every day or do want to keep it hidden in routine life? Consider the clothes that you wear and the nature of the job to decide the placement of the tattoo. If you work in a corporate office, having a tattoo on the neck or face can leave a wrong impression.

5.     Choose the color

The color of skin tone matters a lot in the selection of the right color for the tattoo. If you don’t want a colored tattoo, choosing the black or grey combination can be useful.

6.     Tattoo design

You don’t need to create your design if you are not good at drawing. You can ask for help from the tattooist, or you can choose from the available designs.

7.     Choose professional tattooist

If you are done with the selection process of the tattoo, you need to choose a professional tattoo studio. Make sure that the artist takes care of cleanliness as unsterilized tools can be a considerable risk to your health.


I hope this process was all fun, and you have your tattoo done. After getting a tattoo, you need to take care of the ink and stay safe from any kind of disease. If you feel any kind of allergies or irritation on the inked skin, you can contact the doctor for further discussion.

 This post was written by J Michael Taylor. J Michael Taylor is an artist and owner of Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery. Black Amethyst is a Clearwater tattoo shop. They provide an art-first approach to custom tattooing in a gallery setting.

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