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How to Create an Interesting Author’s Profile?

Your blog allows multiple authors to publish their content. They also have a detailed profile displayed along with every post they publish. It offers a great opportunity to emphasize on the personality of the author.

You can show your author’s credentials, link it to their social media profiles, and personal websites. The readers get a clear introduction of the writer, and that will make them want to trust the author’s suggestions and ideas.

The internet is flooded with an ocean of articles and blog posts, so your aim must be to confirm that your valuable blogs don’t get lost in the crowd. You can achieve this by offering readers something they remember about your blog or website. Let’s learn how to create author profile that attracts readers.

For WordPress website, there are 2 different formats you need to consider while creating a killer author’s profile.

In-post author profile 

It is traditionally positioned at the bottom of every blog post. The readers read the entire article before they reach the profile. The bio’s placed here need to be concise to ensure readers don’t skip it. Tips to create in-post profile include –

  • Highlight the author’s achievement – Share your qualifications, credentials, and relevant experience.
  • Keep it relevant – Mention your interest besides writing niche blogs but never polarize information. Your interest outside needs to be relevant to the topic. A tech blog author can write about their coding skills, which increases their credibility, and readers find their opinions more acceptable. Your passion for cricket or football is less related.
  • No self-promotion – You are offering blogs relevant to your brand. It can be mentioned in your author’s profile but with a mention of informing readers to contact you or leave a link to your website.
  • Use links for demonstrating credibility – Include social media profile links or other online presence in your author’s bio. It demonstrates your reliability and encourages the readers to listen.

Author Page profile

Several WP themes include a dedicated author page. It contains information about the author’s latest post and even their in-post bio. The principle of in-post author bio is to be relevant and avoid self-promotion, also applies when you create an interesting author page profile.

Nonetheless, here you get a little leniency of sharing a little more about your achievements, personality, and other projects because the reader has clicked to gain more information about you.

Create a good profile photo

Each photo needs to make the author look influential, competent, and likable. While setting your profile photo check your facial position, eyes, expression, and dressing style. For example, wide eyes radiate terror, whereas squinted eyes make one look more influential. To look great, you can use your eyes, show more teeth while smiling, dress formally, and keep special effects to minimal.

Author’s bio plugin recommendation

Simple Author Box plugin helps to automatically add a responsive WordPress author box at the bottom of every post displaying the author’s name, description, and gravatar. It is customizable and can blend with the theme of your blog, or incorporate your company’s branding element.

You can even learn the current trends associated with the author’s box, like circular avatar image, and social media icons with specific color themes. The Simple Author Box plugin adds extra fields beside the details. It makes the area aesthetically pleasing!

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