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How to Deal With Erectile Dysfunction

Today, men deal with all sorts of health and wellness issues. It is no surprise that there are never-ending advertisements for products such as Viagra and testosterone boosters in New York. They claim to enhance “performance,” and many men don’t know where to get help. The topic of men’s health in New York is still taboo for many. If you struggle with erectile dysfunction, here are a few ways to deal with it. 

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a term used to describe the inability to maintain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. Erection problems are common among men age 40 and over. However, they may also affect young men. Here are a few tips for dealing with it.

  • Pay Attention to Your Vascular Health

High cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high sugar are bad for the arteries in your heart. They can eventually trigger a heart attack. They are also bad for the arteries in your penis and brain. Therefore, an expanding waistline may be a sign that you may soon be struggling with erectile dysfunction. Taking care of your vascular health protects your penis, heart, and brain.

  • Size Matters

If you are overweight or obese, find a way to lose weight and stay fit. A trim waistline is one of your best defenses against erectile dysfunction. With a 42-inch waist, for example, you are 50 percent more likely to get erectile dysfunction than a man with a 32-inch waist. Obesity also raises your risk for vascular disease, which is a significant cause of erectile dysfunction.

  • Exercise

Regular exercise is good for men’s health. Walking for 30 minutes every day can reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 41 percent. Exercise can restore healthy sexual performance for middle-aged obese men with erectile dysfunction. 

Exercise options that strengthen your pelvic floor can promote rigidity during erections. They also promote the flow of blood to your penis. 

  • Diet

Eating right may promote healthy erections. Adopt a diet rich in natural foods, including whole grains, fish, fruits, and vegetables. Limit your intake of processed and red meat and refined grains.

  • Sleep

Getting enough sleep every night may also improve erectile dysfunction. It is also essential for your overall health. Men who don’t get enough quality sleep are at a higher risk of erectile dysfunction. If you have a sleep disorder, consider seeking help as soon as possible. Insufficient sleep lowers your testosterone levels and can impact your general sexual health.

  • Psychotherapy

Sometimes, erectile dysfunction stems from a combination of psychological and physical issues. They include sexual trauma, fear of failure, and religious beliefs. Having erectile dysfunction can also trigger low self-esteem and emotional distress, hence worsening the condition. Consider getting therapy to deal with the issues and treat erectile dysfunction. Psychological interventions can be paired with medication to get you on the path towards recovery. 

Although erectile dysfunction can affect your social life and self-esteem, it isn’t a life sentence. With the proper intervention, you can treat it and get your healthy life back. 

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