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How to make your car more fuel-efficient?

It’s no secret that petrol and diesel prices are increasing all over the world, and this includes India. This means that people are looking for ways to make their cars more fuel-efficient. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Cars can’t travel without fuel. And when your car’s engine is running, it wastes a lot of fuel and emits a high level of carbon dioxide into the air. In fact, the average car uses up more than half its gas just when idling! Even if you’re not in a rush today, knowing how to speed things up could save you time every trip.

Here are six ways to make your car more fuel-efficient.

Ease off on the acceleration:

When approaching stoplights or slowing down – don’t give it 100% throttle until you need to pass another vehicle or quickly gain speed because this will consume more gas than necessary. Remember too much acceleration takes away some of your car’s momentum and eats up more fuel.

Maintain a constant speed:

Riding at a steady speed uses less gas than constantly speeding up and slowing down. So, if you can avoid it, don’t drive like the “Mad Max” character in the movie of the same name.

Don’t use the air conditioner:

The AC takes up extra power from the engine and increases drag on the car – meaning you need more power from the engine to continue moving at a given speed. Moreover, even when the AC is not on, your car’s engine still uses extra fuel to power things like airbags and other accessories you can’t live without.

Turn off the engine while waiting:

If you have to stop for more than 30 seconds – may be at a drive-thru – turn your car off instead of idling. While it takes more gas to restart your car each time, turning it off will save on wasted fuel over time by reducing unnecessary drag on the vehicle while waiting in line.

Avoid the fast-food drive-thru:

In a hurry to beat traffic? Don’t let your hunger get ahead of you. If you’re stuck in a long line at a drive-thru, chances are many other people are too. You may be better off going elsewhere or even packing a lunch if it’s available.

Check fuel oil: 

When the car is running low on fuel oil, it takes more power from the engine to keep it moving. Make sure you always fill up your car with the recommended type of fuel oil and don’t top off past the “full” line or you’ll be wasting gas. You can find out how to check Engine Oil Level through this blog.

Keep your car well-maintained: 

A car that is well-maintained will run more efficiently than one that isn’t. Make sure you keep your tires inflated to the correct pressure, change your oil and filters regularly, and fix any leaks or problems with your car as soon as you can.

Drive smoothly: If you drive smoothly, you use less fuel. Avoid harsh braking and acceleration, and shift into a higher gear when you can.  A smooth ride will also be safer for you and your passengers.

Keep your tires properly inflated:

If they are over or under-inflated, you could be wasting gas. Make sure to check tire pressure when they are cold – the tires are most accurate when the car has been sitting for at least three hours without being driven. Keeping your tires inflated correctly can improve fuel economy by more than 3%.

If you make these changes to your driving habits, you’ll find that your car will use less fuel, helping the environment while also saving yourself some money in the long run! So remember – slow down, ease off the gas pedal at times, don’t get caught up in long lines when it isn’t necessary, etc. Using these tips will save gas and money. Besides, you can buy car accessories online such as car care products, auto parts, and more at Carorbis. At Carorbis, you can find the best quality products for your car at amazing prices So, every time you take the road, remember how to make your car go further on less fuel!

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