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How to Restore your Missing Teeth

Missing a tooth or teeth is common to many people across the world. Tooth decay, periodontal diseases, and injuries are the main causes of teeth loss. However, other causes can make you lose your teeth, like diseases and medication. On the other hand, some people may be born without teeth. This condition is called a congenitally missing tooth. Congenital missing teeth are prevalent in children, where they lose wisdom teeth, second premolars, and lateral incisors. If you have some missing teeth, the Tarzana missing teeth health center is the best in restoring them. Below are the primary causes of missing teeth.

What causes missing teeth

The main causes of tooth or teeth loss are periodontal diseases and tooth decay. Decay and gum disorders are caused by bacteria that build-up on the teeth after eating. These bacteria cause gum inflammation, which later spreads to the roots. Severe gum diseases can result in teeth extraction. Genetic inheritances can also result in missing teeth. Missing teeth due to gene inheritance is called ectodermal dysplasia. Genes are inherited from close family members such as parents and grandparents. Missing a tooth due to inheritances is a condition that keeps repeating itself in the family, thus it is not controllable. Accidents can also make you lose your teeth. Some diseases such are type two diabetes and high blood pressure can aggravate your gum resulting in teeth loss.  After having missing teeth, you should not fear your dental formula. Below are ways you can replace your lost teeth.

Treatment of missing teeth

There are several ways you can replace your teeth. A proficient dentist can help you restore your teeth without pain or discomfort. These ways include:

  •   Dental implants. It is the most used technique for replacing lost teeth. Dental implants make use of titanium metal, which involves a screw or a metal frame. The screws are fused on the jawbone, and then the crowns are placed on top of them. The artificial teeth look like the natural ones, thus they do not interfere with brushing or eating. Dental implants are permanent, thus giving your jaws good health. The only disadvantage with dental implants is that artificial crowns cannot be bleached during teeth whitening since they do not change color.
  •   Dental bridges. Dental bridges are similar to dental implants. The only difference with dental bridges is they make no use of metal screws or frames. Your doctor uses dental cement to fix the crown on the gaps. Crowns are held together by the front and the back teeth. Dental bridges are cheaper than dental implants, and they resemble your permanent teeth.  The disadvantage of dental bridges is, when your gums start bleeding, they cause infections under the bridges.

Missing a tooth or teeth is something that can happen in your life. Losing a tooth can change your mouth appearance, leading to low self-esteem and confidence. If you need dental implants, Around the Corner Dental Health Spa are the best for teeth replacement. Consult them today and enhance the dental formula.

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