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How to Tell When You Need a New Roof

Houses with faulty roofs might not present signs showing that they will be caving soon. Most of these roofs might even appear as normal. When the roof caves in, the occupants might be caught unawares. This can be a hazardous situation that can even lead to fatalities. Various companies deal with roof repair, such as Danes roofing that can be reached via

To ensure security and safety of the occupants and their household items, watching out for the following signs of a failing roof is essential.

1. Light Passing through the Roof Boards

If you identify daylight through your roof boards, it is time to think about replacing your roof. This can be light showing through some tiny cracks or holes in the roof boards. It is an elementary rule; if light can get through the roof boards, water can do too. The earlier they are replaced, the better since if water gets through those cracks, they might widen and pour down on the electronics or furniture.

2. Dark Stains and Streaks

This is another sign that can easily be spotted. If dark stains appear on the lower sides of the roofing boards or water stream tracks tracing the wall from the roof boards’ base, the roof is probably leaking. These streaks can be caused by water through the roof or moisture collected on the roof surfaces. These are extreme signs that indicate that there is a need for roof replacement.

3. Look for Sagging Areas and Spots

If the roof has soggy or weak parts, it is time to start considering a renovation or replacement of the roofing material. Roofing materials can also react in a similar way to cardboards when exposed to water or moisture. This exposure makes the roof unstable, weak, and heavy. If not handled earlier enough, the roofing frames may fail to support the heavy material’s weight, leading to a crumbling.

4. Leakages during Rainy Seasons

During the rainy seasons, the roof may fail to contain the rainwater and let it through the roofing materials’ crevices and cracks. If this happens, there is no need for a second opinion on the state of the roof. A one-time leak is enough to damage the roofing materials if action is not taken as promptly as possible.

5. Rotting

If the roof is very old, it might get rotten. This occurs for the asphalt and wooden roofs. Rots on the roofing materials can spot signs of decay. Another tell-tale sign is missing tiles and fragility. If these characteristics are present on the roof, you will have to consider replacing your roofing tiles.

6. Algae and Moss

Signs of algae does not mean that the roof is falling off. However, the extreme growth of algae and moss can be a sign of decaying roofing materials. If the tiles are rotting, they might show signs of moss and algae on them.

7. Decaying Shingles

Rotting happens to asphalt and wooden roofs, cracking and decay happens to shingled roofs. If you find missing shingles and cracks in your shingles, it is time to think about getting a new roof. Danes roofing replaces decaying shingles. Find more information about them at

8. Particles and Pieces of Shingles in the Gutter

If you find that your gutter contains pieces of shingles that means that your roofing is susceptible to damages caused by water. This can then lead to roof decay and ultimate collapse.


A house with faulty roofs gives sleepless nights and discomfort. Therefore it is essential to watch out for the above signs. This way, the household items will be protected from rain, and the occupants will not be in danger of a tumble.

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