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Is Microneedling Good For Your Skin?

Collagen induction therapy often referred to as micro-needling, is a cosmetic procedure that helps in the reduction of stretch marks and acne scars via the usage of small needles. The motive of micro-needling therapy is to produce new collagen tissues on your skin so that it becomes more toned and feels smooth. 

Although it is treated for acne scars, people who are suffering from active acne and taking medications for their acne cannot get micro-needling therapy. 

Additionally, micro-needling also helps in treating large pores and wrinkles. A micro-needling therapy may cost anywhere from $100 and can go up to $700 per sitting. 

Therefore, if you have decided to get a micro-needling therapy then you can consult a Santa Monica aesthetics who are experienced medical experts specializing in micro-needling therapy.

Benefits of micro-needling therapy:

Since micro-needling therapy is a skin-related procedure, it is an all-in-one therapy where a person gets benefited from various skin conditions under a single therapy. Although you might have to go for at least four sittings, it does not involve any other treatment. The following are some of the incredible benefits that you can witness after a micro-needling treatment. 

  1. Helps in alopecia
  2. Removal of wrinkles
  3. Removal of fine lines
  4. Diminishing of scarring
  5. Reduction in skin pigmentation

Side Effects of micro-needling therapy:

Although a surgeon can promise his best in delivering a successive cosmetic treatment for his patient, there are a few side effects that might arise from a micro-needling therapy that you should keep in mind before getting into it. 

  1. Dryness in the skin layer
  2. Frequent skin irritation
  3. Redness on the skin
  4. Cause of infection
  5. Bruising/bleeding
  6. Skin flaking
  7. Swelling

Who is NOT a proper fit for micro-needling therapy?

Anyone who is in good health can get a micro-needling treatment but the following are people who are not fit for micro-needling therapy:

  1. People with skin infections
  2. People with sensitive skin and are on medication
  3. Anybody who has acne-prone skin and have active acne
  4. People who are suffering from keloid acne scarring

Therefore, micro-needling is a great way to rejuvenate your skin and bring back an even tone along with diminished acne scars and reduced skin pigmentation. Although you are allowed to get a micro-needling therapy if you are in good health and do not have any active skin conditions, you are advised to consult a medical expert before getting into the treatment directly.

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