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It’s Easy To Convert a Passenger Van for Deliveries

If you’ve taken off your blue-collar and joined the gig economy as a delivery driver, there’s no need to invest in a new set of wheels. With some simple steps, you can convert a passenger van into a delivery vehicle so you can maximize the number of packages you transport and increase your profits.

What To Remove

Converting a passenger van is all about freeing up space, so the first thing that needs to go is the middle and rear seating. Because the seats might be bolted from underneath the vehicle, and because these benches or chairs are often very heavy and awkward to maneuver, you’ll likely need some help. Once the seating is released, disconnect or clear away any wiring that might have controlled the seat positions. Next, if present, remove the rear center console and cup holders. Finally, it’s smart to get rid of the carpeting, as it can trap dirt and become easily torn as cargo moves in and out.

What To Install

While ripping out the existing carpeting is practical, you’ll want some sort of floor covering to protect what you’re transporting. Plywood or metal sheeting are good options, or you might choose rubber floor mats. Although you’ve removed the permanent passenger seating, it’s a good idea to add a jump seat. This can come in handy if you need to bring extra folks along to help with your deliveries, and the small footprint of jump seats means they won’t encroach upon your cargo space.

What To Consider

Depending on what you typically transport, it may be wise to remove the rear side windows and replace them with sheet metal. This is to prevent breaking them if your load shifts while driving or if you aren’t careful when moving packages in and out. You may also want to add a partition behind the front seats so your cargo doesn’t move forward and interfere with your ability to drive safely. You can even install a barrier that has a door or removable panel in it so you have protection but can still access the cargo area from the front seat.

When you’re just starting out in the delivery business, there’s no need to go to a lot of expense to equip yourself. Buying a used passenger van or converting one you already own can be a smart way to save money while getting you the cargo space you need.

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