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Key Web Design Trends To Dominate In The Year 2020

 In the race to generate traffic and sales, websites need to be attractive and display attributes like – better navigability, usability, features, security, and loading speed, among others. When the attention span of customers is progressively decreasing, the websites should have an attractive design layout to grab eyeballs. This calls for following the latest web design trends by any website design company. For the challenge is not only to grab the initial attention but to keep the visitor engaged as well. So, to deliver the right UI/UX, developers have their task cut out. In case, website owners do not have any idea of the latest web design trends, then this blog seeks to address the same.

Website design trends 2020

The primary objective of any website development company is to build a website that delivers the best user experience. Thus, the web design trends of 2020, such a company should follow are:

# Immersive 3D Elements: 3D gives a sense of depth to the visual aspect of any object. Its incorporation in website design helps to deliver the much needed immersive experience to the user. As opposed to the costlier VR, the immersive 3D elements can prod users to stay longer on the site. Further, these elements can induce the latter towards conversion as well. In 2020, 3D designs can bridge the gap between virtual and real.

# White Frames: To ensure clean framing and design stability for the structure of a website, designers are adopting the use of white frames. So, in the year 2020, there would be a liberal use of white spaces while displaying various elements on a page. The strategic use of white frames is aimed at capturing the attention of visitors.

# Dark Mode: Even though darkness per se can be off-putting, it is a trend to be followed in web design, especially in the year 2020. So, dark mode is used to make digital elements on a webpage visible and easy on the eyes of the visitors. Moreover, it can give the impression of colours to be dynamic in design. Dark mode, when combined with mood colour schemes and dystopian styles, can be a hot property.

# Floating Elements and Shadows: As an extension to 3D design, floating elements and shadows can be used to give an impression of depth to the digital elements present on a webpage. These incorporate a few principles of material design and include adding a shadow to the 2D layout to give an illusion of 3D. By adding the floating elements, the designs can be made to look trendy, sharp and classy. Further, these can also be used by the logo design services to create smart, unique, and impactful logos representing a business.

# Glowing Colour Pairings: To give an impression of designs jumping off the screen, the use of glowing colour pairings can be considered as a hot trend in 2020. With web designs getting bolder, the glowing colour pairings imbued with mutual shades can help to deliver a luminous feel to the web page. So, the challenge for any website design company is to captivate visitors by using neon pops and a glowing colour scheme.

# User Triggered Animations: Everyone is used to watching animations on a website. However, the web design trends of 2020 will be about animations that are triggered by user action. This can enhance user engagement as the user can get immersed into figuring out the animations when he or she moves the cursor over or around a digital element. In an ecosystem where customers with a limited attention span can be seen flipping through websites, user triggered animations can deliver a fulsome web browsing experience.

Emotional Design: One of the important aspects of design is to create an emotional impact. So, if design per se can be considered as communication, then the focus should be towards creating an emotional impact in addition to achieving great usability. These can include the use of humour or interesting micro-interactions, among others.


Many of the web design trends of 2020 are a continuation of the familiar ones followed in 2019. However, since the ultimate objective is to deliver great user experiences, web designers should be focused on achieving usability. So, if you are a start-up and want your website to garner instant attention from your target customers or an established business fighting for a competitive space, then engage an experienced website design company to create the much sought after impact.

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