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Mind Numbing Facts About Energy Efficient Green Windows

One way to save money on your monthly utility bills is to help cut back on energy wasting. Commonly used everyday windows in the United States right now are not energy efficient. Installing more energy efficient windows in your home is definitely a higher upfront cost. However over time the savings adds up quickly and you can save yourself money over time. Check out these facts about energy efficient windows.

Savings over Time

Over time the wastefulness of older style windows adds up. Even just 10 extra dollars a month of heating bills adds up to 120 over the course of a year. That cost adds up to a detrimental cost over a few years. So putting new windows in your home can help reduce the amount of heat lost in the winter and cool air lost in the summer. This greatly reduces your heating and cooling costs over time.

Tax Credits

Did you know that the government will pay you back in tax credits for your new windows. You can claim the cost of your new windows on your tax return. This will help you get a small break on your taxes. So it will help you over time to save some money on your taxes.

Utilizing a Contractor

If you are going to put new energy efficient windows in your home you will want to be sure that it is done correctly. So be sure that you are utilizing a registered contractor that can help walk you through the process. Installing energy efficient windows is different from a regular window. There is better window stripping that can assist your home in keeping air in and out.

Tips about Choosing Windows

When it comes to the process one of the first steps is to choose quality windows. Choose a high quality brand that has good reviews. This can assist you in getting quality windows installed. Then consider the shape of your current windows. If your current windows are odd shaped then you may have to adjust your house to fit your window. This is where your contractor can step in to help you choose. Be sure that the windows that you choose have the energy star sticker. Verifying that they are energy efficient green windows.

Then choose the type of window you want. Do you want them to slide open or open like a door? Consider the climate that you are in. Different windows have different amenities in order to accommodate different climates. There is a U factor rating that tells you and your contractor what climate it is intended for.

There are also different types of windows. There are gas filled windows that are great for extremely cold environments. It makes the window much more efficient for very cold environments. There are also different operation types that tell you how a window opens. There are also different frame types that are installed differently. These different frame types change the efficiency of the window. This makes it more suitable for different environments. So in warmer environments there is a different coating and installation to make it more efficient.


At the end of the day the savings over time of having a more updated home will be enormous. There will be hundreds of dollars that you can save from a lower monthly heating bill to tax credits. However there is a lot that goes into it because you will have to choose which new windows to get. And you have to get them installed correctly. Poorly installed windows are pointless because they will not be efficient. Consider all these facts about energy efficient green windows.

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